Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain - Most Fielder Catches in Match in first-class cricket

6ED SolkarWest Indies v India1970/71f28602
6BC LaraJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago1993/94f40919
6VS SolankiTrinidad and Tobago v England A2000/01f45533
5GR BardswellTrinidad v Lord Hawke's XI1896/97f4609
5N ShurlandTrinidad v AB St Hill's XI1900/01f5502
5FH HollinsTrinidad v RA Bennett's XI1901/02f5759
5LS ConstantineMarylebone Cricket Club v Trinidad1910/11f8169
5JS DareTrinidad v British Guiana1928/29f12593
5LN ConstantineMarylebone Cricket Club v Trinidad1929/30f12980
5CD FurlongeAustralians v Trinidad1954/55f20791
5GS SobersEngland v West Indies1959/60f23131
5BA DavisAustralians v Trinidad and Tobago1964/65f25692
5BA DavisJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago1969/70f28155
5RC FredericksAustralia v West Indies1972/73f29574
5CB LambertTrinidad and Tobago v Guyana1986/87f36943
5AJ LambWest Indies v England1989/90f38667
5TO PowellTrinidad and Tobago v Jamaica1993/94f40919
5BC LaraEngland v West Indies1993/94f41043
5BC LaraLeeward Islands v Trinidad and Tobago1996/97f43087
5ML HaydenWest Indies v Australia2002/03f47244





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