Newlands, Cape Town - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

212-4Cape Cobras v Titans2006/07tt552
211-4Cape Cobras v Impi2011/12tt2691
207-2Cape Cobras v Warriors2008/09tt1068
203-5Warriors v Cape Cobras2008/09tt1068
188-5Kolkata Knight Riders v Titans2012/13tt3151
188-9England v Zimbabwe2007/08tt718
184-6Deccan Chargers v Royal Challengers Bangalore2009tt1143
181-4Australia v South Africa2015/16tt5628
180-3Cape Cobras v Lions2011/12tt2724
179-6Lions v Cape Cobras2011/12tt2724
179Cape Cobras v Lions2009/10tt1497
178-4South Africa v Australia2015/16tt5628
177-3Titans v Cape Cobras2015/16tt5254
177-5Cape Cobras v Titans2010/11tt2093
176-4Pakistan v South Africa2013/14tt3909
175-4Titans v Cape Cobras2010/11tt2093
174-8Titans v Cape Cobras2006/07tt552
171-6Impi v Cape Cobras2011/12tt2691
170-4South Africa v Pakistan2013/14tt3909
170-5Sri Lanka v South Africa2016/17tt6113
169-5South Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17tt6113
168-6West Indies v South Africa2014/15tt4684
168-6Cape Cobras v Titans2015/16tt5254
166-5Cape Cobras v Warriors2010/11tt2124
165-4South Africa v West Indies2014/15tt4684
165-7Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings2009tt1137
163-8Cape Cobras v Warriors2016/17tt5969
162-5Dolphins v Cape Cobras2008/09tt1096
161-5Cape Cobras v Dolphins2005/06tt297
160-8Royal Challengers Bangalore v Deccan Chargers2009tt1143
159-4Lions v Chennai Super Kings2012/13tt3141
158-4Cape Cobras v Knights2014/15tt4658
158-6Chennai Super Kings v Lions2012/13tt3141
158-7Titans v Cape Cobras2007/08tt843
157-4Cape Cobras v Titans2008/09tt1075
156-6Mumbai Indians v Yorkshire2012/13tt3145
155-6Cape Cobras v Lions2005/06tt307
154-4Dolphins v Titans2013/14tt4012
154-6Warriors v Cape Cobras2010/11tt2124
154-7Cape Cobras v Lions2014/15tt4630
154-8South Africa v England2007/08tt727
153-5Dolphins v Cape Cobras2005/06tt297
153-5Cape Cobras v Knights2013/14tt4014
152-2Cape Cobras v Knights2016/17tt6017
152-6Cape Cobras v Titans2007/08tt843
151-7Western Province v KwaZulu-Natal Inland2014/15tt4706
151-8Warriors v Cape Cobras2016/17tt5969
150-6Rajasthan Royals v Kolkata Knight Riders2009tt1145
150-7Western Province v Gauteng2015/16tt5292
150-8Lions v Cape Cobras2005/06tt307
150-8Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals2009tt1145





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