Newlands, Cape Town - Five Wickets in an Innings in Test cricket

8-11J BriggsEngland v South Africa1888/89t32
7-17J BriggsEngland v South Africa1888/89t32
7-36JH WardleEngland v South Africa1956/57t435
7-37JJ FerrisEngland v South Africa1891/92t37
7-42GA LohmannEngland v South Africa1895/96t49
7-46C BlytheEngland v South Africa1909/10t110
7-63AE HallSouth Africa v England1922/23t149
7-95WH AshleySouth Africa v England1888/89t32
7-120Harbhajan SinghIndia v South Africa2010/11t1988
6-11S HaighEngland v South Africa1898/99t59
6-26JH SinclairSouth Africa v England1898/99t59
6-30SM PollockSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2000/01t1528
6-54JJ FerrisEngland v South Africa1891/92t37
6-55K RabadaSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17t2244
6-68C BlytheEngland v South Africa1905/06t91
6-68GO RaboneNew Zealand v South Africa1953/54t379
6-96Saeed AjmalPakistan v South Africa2012/13t2073
6-97CB LlewellynSouth Africa v Australia1902/03t77
6-122CBRLS KumaraSri Lanka v South Africa2016/17t2244
6-127PL HarrisSouth Africa v Australia2008/09t1916
6-128SF BurkeSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t519
6-161SK WarneAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1593
5-7VD PhilanderSouth Africa v New Zealand2012/13t2069
5-15VD PhilanderSouth Africa v Australia2011/12t2016
5-17SR WatsonAustralia v South Africa2011/12t2016
5-28SR WaughAustralia v South Africa1993/94t1253
5-32CV GrimmettAustralia v South Africa1935/36t249
5-32RR LindwallAustralia v South Africa1949/50t319
5-32SM PollockSouth Africa v England1995/96t1321
5-37GF BissettSouth Africa v England1927/28t169
5-41CL McCoolAustralia v South Africa1949/50t319
5-44CG MacartneyAustralia v South Africa1921/22t147
5-46AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1995/96t1321
5-46CK LangeveldtSouth Africa v England2004/05t1732
5-47AN ConnollyAustralia v South Africa1969/70t670
5-47AA DonaldSouth Africa v England1999/00t1482
5-48FJ CameronNew Zealand v South Africa1961/62t519
5-49R BenaudAustralia v South Africa1957/58t445
5-50C BlytheEngland v South Africa1905/06t91
5-53JH WardleEngland v South Africa1956/57t435
5-55SR ClarkAustralia v South Africa2005/06t1789
5-56CV GrimmettAustralia v South Africa1935/36t249
5-59VD PhilanderSouth Africa v Pakistan2012/13t2073
5-61JM BlanckenbergSouth Africa v England1922/23t149
5-61PS de VilliersSouth Africa v New Zealand1994/95t1282
5-63JM AndersonEngland v South Africa2009/10t1946
5-64GG MacaulayEngland v South Africa1922/23t149
5-65GD McKenzieAustralia v South Africa1966/67t613
5-68SF BurkeSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t519
5-70H VerityEngland v South Africa1938/39t268
5-70DCS ComptonEngland v South Africa1948/49t309
5-72AEE VoglerSouth Africa v England1909/10t109
5-75M MorkelSouth Africa v England2009/10t1946
5-75DW SteynSouth Africa v India2010/11t1988
5-80AMB RowanSouth Africa v England1948/49t309
5-80CR MatthewsSouth Africa v Australia1993/94t1253
5-81WP HowellAustralia v South Africa1902/03t77
5-85EJ BarlowSouth Africa v Australia1966/67t613
5-87A NelSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1681
5-88HD BromfieldSouth Africa v England1964/65t573
5-90JH KallisSouth Africa v West Indies1998/99t1440
5-91CEW SilverwoodEngland v South Africa1999/00t1482
5-114S SreesanthIndia v South Africa2010/11t1988
5-120HJ TayfieldSouth Africa v Australia1957/58t445
5-126AA MallettAustralia v South Africa1969/70t670
5-130HJ TayfieldSouth Africa v England1956/57t435
5-157N GordonSouth Africa v England1938/39t268





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