Newlands, Cape Town - Centuries in Test cricket

262  SP FlemingNew Zealand v South Africa2005/06t1800
258  BA StokesEngland v South Africa2015/16t2197
228  HH GibbsSouth Africa v Pakistan2002/03t1637
224  JH KallisSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2011/12t2028
209  RG PollockSouth Africa v Australia1966/67t613
201  HM AmlaSouth Africa v England2015/16t2197
189  JW BurkeAustralia v South Africa1957/58t445
187  JB HobbsEngland v South Africa1909/10t110
183  GC SmithSouth Africa v England2009/10t1946
181  WR HammondEngland v South Africa1938/39t268
178  RN HarveyAustralia v South Africa1949/50t319
169  SR TendulkarIndia v South Africa1996/97t1349
168  DJ CullinanSouth Africa v West Indies1998/99t1440
163  AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Australia2008/09t1916
161  JH KallisSouth Africa v India2010/11t1988
161*MJ ClarkeAustralia v South Africa2013/14t2122
160*AB de VilliersSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2011/12t2028
154  AJ PitheySouth Africa v England1964/65t573
153  RB SimpsonAustralia v South Africa1966/67t613
151  GC SmithSouth Africa v Pakistan2002/03t1637
151  MJ ClarkeAustralia v South Africa2011/12t2016
150  AG PrinceSouth Africa v Australia2008/09t1916
150*JM BairstowEngland v South Africa2015/16t2197
149  JH KallisSouth Africa v England2004/05t1732
149  HM AmlaSouth Africa v New Zealand2005/06t1800
148  AB de VilliersSouth Africa v West Indies2014/15t2154
146  SR TendulkarIndia v South Africa2010/11t1988
145  DA WarnerAustralia v South Africa2013/14t2122
142  J RyderAustralia v South Africa1921/22t147
142  HH GibbsSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1681
141  IJ SiedleSouth Africa v England1930/31t202
138  EJ BarlowSouth Africa v England1964/65t573
138*AC GilchristAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1593
135  JR ReidNew Zealand v South Africa1953/54t379
135  Taufeeq UmarPakistan v South Africa2002/03t1637
135  DA WarnerAustralia v South Africa2013/14t2122
134*H WoodEngland v South Africa1891/92t37
134  KR StackpoleAustralia v South Africa1966/67t613
130*JH KallisSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1681
129  D ElgarSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17t2244
127  EJ BarlowSouth Africa v Australia1969/70t670
124  AJL HillEngland v South Africa1895/96t49
123  B MitchellSouth Africa v England1930/31t202
123*MG JohnsonAustralia v South Africa2008/09t1916
122*MV BoucherSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1681
122*JEC FranklinNew Zealand v South Africa2005/06t1800
121  WA BrownAustralia v South Africa1935/36t249
121  MJK SmithEngland v South Africa1964/65t573
121  GC SmithSouth Africa v Zimbabwe2004/05t1737
120  R AbelEngland v South Africa1888/89t32
120  AD NourseSouth Africa v England1938/39t268
120  B MitchellSouth Africa v England1948/49t309
120  DJ CullinanSouth Africa v England1999/00t1482
117  HW TaylorSouth Africa v England1930/31t202
116  CH GayleWest Indies v South Africa2003/04t1681
116  W JafferIndia v South Africa2006/07t1827
115  LEG AmesEngland v South Africa1938/39t268
115  M AzharuddinIndia v South Africa1996/97t1349
115  BC LaraWest Indies v South Africa2003/04t1681
115*TT SamaraweeraSri Lanka v South Africa2011/12t2028
114  AD NourseSouth Africa v Australia1949/50t319
113  RA McLeanSouth Africa v New Zealand1961/62t519
113  DJ CullinanSouth Africa v Sri Lanka1997/98t1410
112  JT TyldesleyEngland v South Africa1898/99t59
112  JHW FingletonAustralia v South Africa1935/36t249
112  BH ValentineEngland v South Africa1938/39t268
112  AD NourseSouth Africa v England1948/49t309
112  WJ CronjeSouth Africa v New Zealand1994/95t1282
112  DJ CullinanSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2000/01t1528
112  HM AmlaSouth Africa v Australia2011/12t2016
111  Asad ShafiqPakistan v South Africa2012/13t2073
111  Younis KhanPakistan v South Africa2012/13t2073
110  JH KallisSouth Africa v West Indies1998/99t1440
109  DJ RichardsonSouth Africa v New Zealand1994/95t1282
109*JH KallisSouth Africa v India2010/11t1988
109  AN PetersenSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2011/12t2028
109  DG BrownlieNew Zealand v South Africa2012/13t2069
108*AG PrinceSouth Africa v New Zealand2005/06t1800
108  JH KallisSouth Africa v England2009/10t1946
106  JH SinclairSouth Africa v England1898/99t59
106  AN PetersenSouth Africa v New Zealand2012/13t2069
105  JH KallisSouth Africa v England1999/00t1482
105*DR SmithWest Indies v South Africa2003/04t1681
104  JH SinclairSouth Africa v Australia1902/03t77
103  G KirstenSouth Africa v India1996/97t1349
103*BM McMillanSouth Africa v India1996/97t1349
102  AC HudsonSouth Africa v Australia1993/94t1253
102*L KlusenerSouth Africa v India1996/97t1349
102  JH KallisSouth Africa v Australia2008/09t1916
102*T BavumaSouth Africa v England2015/16t2197
101  MC CowdreyEngland v South Africa1956/57t435
101  PGZ HarrisNew Zealand v South Africa1961/62t519
101  JA RudolphSouth Africa v West Indies2003/04t1681
101*GC SmithSouth Africa v Australia2011/12t2016
101  Q de KockSouth Africa v Sri Lanka2016/17t2244
100*RT PontingAustralia v South Africa2001/02t1593





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