Newlands, Cape Town - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

35South Africa v England1898/99f5043
43South Africa v England1888/89f3350
44Western Province v Orange Free State1926/27f11852
45New Zealand v South Africa2012/13f54478
47South Africa v England1888/89f3350
47Border v Western Province1920/21f9789
47Australia v South Africa2011/12f53508
52Border v Western Province1903/04f6275
54Zimbabwe v South Africa2004/05f48539
55Border v Western Province1903/04f6275
56Eastern Province v Transvaal1908/09f7615
59Boland v Western Province1998/99f43988
63Dolphins v Cape Cobras2007/08f50502
65Eastern Province v Transvaal1908/09f7615
67Eastern Province v Western Province1904/05f6517
67Western Province v Marylebone Cricket Club1909/10f7871
68Transvaal v Western Province1897/98f4850
69South African Invitation XI v International Wanderers1975/76f31023
72Griqualand West v Eastern Province1890/91f3575
72South Africa v England1956/57f21603
73Eastern Province v Western Province1934/35f14820
74Western Province v Transvaal1926/27f11832
74Boland v Western Province2005/06f49206
75Northern Transvaal v Western Province1981/82f33956
75Western Province v Northerns1998/99f44045
77Western Province v Natal1978/79f32448
77Zimbabwe Under-23s v Western Province2005/06f48912
79Natal v Transvaal1897/98f4844
80Western Province v Australians1902/03f6004
80Border v Western Province1947/48f17765
81Western Province v Marylebone Cricket Club1905/06f6791
82Border v Western Province B1975/76f30983
83South Africa v England1891/92f3702
83Western Province v Transvaal1897/98f4850
83Western Province v Natal1965/66f26129
83Border v Western Province2007/08f50649
84Western Province v Australians1902/03f6004
85Western Province v Natal1889/90f3446
85South Africa v Australia1902/03f6006
85Natal v Western Province1907/08f7340
85Orange Free State v Western Province1912/13f8748
85Western Province v Transvaal1950/51f19011
85Western Province v Natal1965/66f26129
86Border v Western Province1920/21f9789
86Western Province v Natal1951/52f19450
86Lions v Cape Cobras2011/12f53685
87Cape Cobras v Warriors2006/07f49804
89North Eastern Transvaal v Western Province1946/47f17393
89Western Province v South African Universities1960/61f23515
90Transvaal v Western Province1932/33f14105
91Eastern Province v Western Province1985/86f36064
92Griqualand West v Natal1893/94f3992
92England v South Africa1898/99f5043
94Transvaal v Western Province1921/22f10123
94South African Universities v Western Province1971/72f28939
95Natal v Western Province1970/71f28552
95Sri Lanka v South Africa2000/01f45500
96Western Province v Marylebone Cricket Club1905/06f6790
96Northern Transvaal v Western Province1987/88f37339
96Easterns v Western Province B1996/97f42725
96South Africa v Australia2011/12f53508
97South Africa v England1891/92f3702
97Eastern Province v Western Province1908/09f7618
98Natal v Cape Town Clubs1889/90f3448
98Transvaal v Western Province1906/07f7083
98North West v Western Province2004/05f48217
98North West v Western Province2004/05f48217
99South Africa v Australia1957/58f22076
99Western Province v Rhodesia1965/66f26094
99Griqualand West v Western Province B1975/76f30811
99Natal B v Western Province B1981/82f33895





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