Lahore City Cricket Association Ground, Lahore - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

330-9Habib Bank Limited v Lahore City1998/99a11829
329-9Lahore City v Habib Bank Limited1998/99a11829
327-7Habib Bank Limited v Lahore Blues2001/02a14184
326-5Pakistan Television v Lahore Eagles2014/15a24015
325-7Multan Tigers v Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited2010/11a21087
322Lahore Eagles v Pakistan Television2014/15a24015
319-7Lahore City v Gujranwala1998/99a11803
317-6Lahore Eagles v Karachi Zebras2008/09a19622
317-6Lahore Eagles v Rawalpindi Rams2013/14a23109
316-7Karachi Zebras v Lahore Eagles2008/09a19622
316Rawalpindi Rams v Lahore Eagles2013/14a23109
314-8National Bank of Pakistan v Multan1998/99a11833
311-3Habib Bank Limited v Lahore Eagles2008/09a19657
310-7Sui Southern Gas Corporation v Lahore Eagles2014/15a24001
308-9Multan v Lahore City1998/99a11815
305-6Lahore City v Multan1998/99a11815
302-9Rest of Punjab v Lahore Blues2001/02a14156
301-6Lahore Blues v Rest of Punjab2001/02a14156
301-8Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v Lahore Eagles2008/09a19665
300-9Lahore Blues v Sheikhupura2001/02a14130
297-8National Bank of Pakistan v Lahore City1999/00a12592
296-6Lahore City v National Bank of Pakistan1999/00a12592
295-7National Bank of Pakistan v Lahore Whites2018/19a26577
295-8Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v Lahore Whites2018/19a26568
294-9Lahore Eagles v Sui Southern Gas Corporation2009/10a20442
293-9Sui Southern Gas Corporation v Lahore Eagles2009/10a20442
292-7Lahore City v Bahawalpur1998/99a11789
283-7Gujranwala v Allied Bank Limited1999/00a12585
279-5Lahore Blues v Karachi Whites2018/19a26859
279-9Lahore Whites v Service Industries2002/03a15014
278-7Faisalabad v Lahore2003/04a15827
277-4Lahore v Faisalabad2003/04a15827
269-9Khan Research Laboratories v Lahore Eagles2010/11a21050
266-5Lahore v Rawalpindi2003/04a15768
265-8Sheikhupura v Lahore Blues2001/02a14130
265Rawalpindi v Lahore2003/04a15768
264Allied Bank Limited v Gujranwala1999/00a12585
263Khan Research Laboratories v Lahore Eagles2009/10a20358
262-9Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v National Bank of Pakistan2012/13a22583
262Khan Research Laboratories v National Bank of Pakistan1999/00a12618
260-6Pakistan Automobiles Corporation v Habib Bank Limited1993/94a8348
260-7Gujranwala v Lahore Blues2000/01a13441
259-9National Bank of Pakistan v Peshawar1995/96a9652
258-8State Bank of Pakistan v Water and Power Development Authority2011/12a21885
257-8Water and Power Development Authority v Lahore Blues2018/19a26632
256Lahore Blues v Gujranwala2000/01a13441
256Faisalabad Wolves v Lahore Eagles2014/15a24027
255-4Lahore Lions v Quetta Bears2005/06a17325
255-6Rawalpindi Rams v Lahore Lions2009/10a20397
253Quetta Bears v Lahore Lions2005/06a17325
252-9Lahore Whites v Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited2018/19a26568
252Lahore Lions v Rawalpindi Rams2009/10a20397
250-5Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan v Pakistan Automobiles Corporation1993/94a8335
250Khan Research Laboratories v Water and Power Development Authority2007/08a18925





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