The Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wells - Most Fielder Catches in Match in first-class cricket

5J SeymourEssex v Kent1923f10618
5WW WhysallKent v Nottinghamshire1926f11655
5JG LangridgeKent v Sussex1952f19644
5MC CowdreyNottinghamshire v Kent1961f23805
5GW JohnsonSussex v Kent1983f34648
5MA EalhamEssex v Kent2001f45869
5DP FultonSussex v Kent2002f46638
4RNR BlakerSussex v Kent1904f6406
4FL FaneKent v Essex1906f6952
4H WrathallKent v Gloucestershire1906f6959
4J SeymourWorcestershire v Kent1907f7216
4HTW HardingeSussex v Kent1911f8323
4AP DayLancashire v Kent1912f8603
4GN FosterEssex v Kent1921f9989
4FE WoolleyLeicestershire v Kent1924f10951
4LEG AmesWarwickshire v Kent1926f11645
4APF ChapmanWarwickshire v Kent1928f12339
4EH BowleyKent v Sussex1931f13553
4BH LyonKent v Gloucestershire1934f14654
4BH ValentineNottinghamshire v Kent1939f16563
4RW HookerKent v Middlesex1963f24791
4MC CowdreySussex v Kent1967f26789
4AS BrownKent v Gloucestershire1971f28748
4D LloydKent v Lancashire1975f30636
4MW GattingKent v Middlesex1982f34090
4MD MoxonKent v Yorkshire1984f35216
4CL HooperGloucestershire v Kent1993f40535
4RP DavisGloucestershire v Kent1993f40535
4MJ McCagueSussex v Kent1996f42430
4MJ WalkerLancashire v Kent2004f48003





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