The Nevill Ground, Tunbridge Wells - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

25Worcestershire v Kent1960f23258
49Leicestershire v Kent1924f10951
50Somerset v Kent1910f8031
58Kent v Leicestershire1938f16204
60Northamptonshire v Kent1955f20919
61Worcestershire v Kent1960f23258
66Leicestershire v Kent1920f9679
68Kent v Yorkshire1947f17593
68Sussex v Kent1971f28739
68Essex v Kent2001f45869
69Sussex v Kent1960f23269
70Kent v Warwickshire1927f12066
71Kent v Surrey1999f44420
73Worcestershire v Kent1967f26797
75Northamptonshire v Kent1932f13937
75Kent v Middlesex1937f15803
76Kent v Lancashire1908f7480
79Somerset v Kent1927f12057
80Northamptonshire v Kent1922f10289
81Durham v Kent2000f45134
83Leicestershire v Kent1924f10951
83Warwickshire v Kent1991f39357
85Leicestershire v Kent1939f16574
86Kent v Middlesex1937f15803
87Kent v Sussex1920f9674
87Kent v Leicestershire1938f16204
89Warwickshire v Kent1929f12705
90Kent v Middlesex1982f34090
92Derbyshire v Kent1934f14665
92Middlesex v Kent1988f37559
93Kent v Sussex1902f5907
93Kent v Leicestershire1953f20052
96Kent v Sussex1971f28739
97Sussex v Kent1909f7758
97Northamptonshire v Kent1932f13937
97Kent v Yorkshire1957f21814
98Derbyshire v Kent1909f7755
98Somerset v Kent1910f8031
98Kent v Sussex1935f15033
98Surrey v Kent1978f32092
99Somerset v Kent1911f8319
99Kent v Lancashire1950f18774





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