County Ground, Southampton - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

30Hampshire v Nottinghamshire1932f13809
32Kent v Hampshire1952f19570
34Hampshire v Surrey1885f2907
36Hampshire v Yorkshire1898f4874
39Somerset v Hampshire1936f15471
42Hampshire v Yorkshire1898f4874
42Nottinghamshire v Hampshire1932f13809
49Hampshire v Derbyshire1885f2899
51Indians v Hampshire1932f13828
53Hampshire v Lancashire1929f12631
54Hampshire v Essex1931f13657
57Hampshire v Nottinghamshire1932f13809
58Derbyshire v Hampshire1905f6611
60Northamptonshire v Hampshire1908f7474
62Hampshire v Kent1924f10872
63Leicestershire v Hampshire1914f9055
68Northamptonshire v Hampshire1926f11583
68Glamorgan v Hampshire1955f20805
69Nottinghamshire v Hampshire1930f13065
71Sussex v Hampshire1896f4448
72Leicestershire v Hampshire1902f5847
72Sussex v Hampshire1902f5971
72Hampshire v Warwickshire1903f6203
73Hampshire v Sussex1922f10146
74Hampshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1885f2888
74Hampshire v Gloucestershire1937f15672
75Sussex v Hampshire1920f9705
75Hampshire v Kent1951f19091
76Gloucestershire v Hampshire1921f10019
76Australians v Hampshire1985f35808
76Hampshire v Sussex1999f44536
77Surrey v Hampshire1897f4740
77Leicestershire v Hampshire1897f4799
78Hampshire v Derbyshire1953f20224
82Hampshire v Marylebone Cricket Club1885f2888
82Derbyshire v Hampshire1895f4231
82South Africans v Hampshire1907f7160
82Kent v Hampshire1955f20860
82Essex v Hampshire1955f20891
82Hampshire v Essex1957f21690
82Glamorgan v Hampshire1968f27211
83Essex v Hampshire1895f4308
83Australians v Hampshire1909f7688
83Hampshire v Yorkshire1983f34656
84Hampshire v Somerset1932f13993
85Sussex v Hampshire1895f4336
85Essex v Hampshire1896f4567
85Hampshire v Derbyshire1902f5793
86Hampshire v Sussex1920f9705
87Somerset v Hampshire1937f15836
87Hampshire v Derbyshire1953f20224
88Hampshire v Surrey1897f4740
89Hampshire v Sussex1895f4336
89Hampshire v Kent1904f6334
89Leicestershire v Hampshire1926f11600
89Hampshire v Derbyshire1937f15755
90Hampshire v Glamorgan1937f15911
91Surrey v Hampshire1902f5926
91Hampshire v Essex1931f13657
91Hampshire v Sussex1934f14692
91Kent v Hampshire1952f19570
91Hampshire v Surrey1988f37493
92Gloucestershire v Hampshire1924f10856
92Warwickshire v Hampshire1930f13047
93Northamptonshire v Hampshire1926f11583
93Hampshire v Leicestershire1926f11600
93Gloucestershire v Hampshire1966f26266
93Hampshire v Leicestershire1978f32118
94Hampshire v Warwickshire1905f6762
94Hampshire v Kent1954f20451
95Hampshire v Sussex1902f5971
95Hampshire v Yorkshire1912f8636
95Surrey v Hampshire1929f12761
95Cambridge University v Hampshire1938f16185
95Hampshire v Derbyshire1946f17246
95Lancashire v Hampshire1959f22832
96Essex v Hampshire1985f35826
97Hampshire v Leicestershire1902f5847
97Hampshire v Kent1904f6334
97Gloucestershire v Hampshire1922f10302
97Hampshire v Worcestershire1935f14933
98Essex v Hampshire1896f4567
98Lancashire v Hampshire1936f15493
98Kent v Hampshire1946f17128
99Lancashire v Hampshire1936f15493
99Hampshire v New Zealanders1958f22217





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