The University Parks, Oxford - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

5RE FosterAJ Webbe's XI v Oxford University1898f4859
5MR BartonMinor Counties v Oxford University1937f15758
5GO RaboneOxford University v New Zealanders1949f18287
5J WhitehouseOxford University v Warwickshire1975f30607
5NEJ PocockOxford University v Hampshire1979f32545
5GI MacmillanDurham v Oxford University1994f41056
5MEK HusseyOxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence v Northamptonshire2002f46571
4WC HedleyOxford University v Gentlemen of England1890f3473
4GJ MordauntGentlemen of England v Oxford University1893f3851
4RCN PalairetOxford University v Somerset1893f3863
4LC BraundOxford University v Somerset1899f5074
4CS HurstMarylebone Cricket Club v Oxford University1908f7400
4HS HarrisonOxford University v Surrey1910f7948
4RK TyldesleyOxford University v Lancashire1924f10805
4NS Mitchell-InnesLeicestershire v Oxford University1936f15383
4AE NutterOxford University v Lancashire1938f16171
4JT IkinOxford University v Lancashire1949f18272
4CE WinnFree Foresters v Oxford University1949f18297
4CD DrybroughMiddlesex v Oxford University1960f23198
4FJ TitmusOxford University v Middlesex1962f24241
4JL CuthbertsonSussex v Oxford University1962f24318
4GNS RidleyDerbyshire v Oxford University1965f25755
4GAR LockOxford University v Leicestershire1966f26298
4FS GoldsteinSomerset v Oxford University1967f26710
4D LloydOxford University v Lancashire1970f28193
4Imran KhanOxford University v Worcestershire1976f31080
4JA ClaughtonGlamorgan v Oxford University1977f31590
4BC RoseOxford University v Somerset1981f33519
4CL SmithOxford University v Hampshire1987f36969
4GI MacmillanDurham v Oxford University1995f41708
4AP AgathangelouOxford Marylebone Cricket Club University v Lancashire2011f53134





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