The University Parks, Oxford - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

266*W PlaceLancashire v Oxford University1947f17473
239  WJ EdrichMiddlesex v Oxford University1952f19618
239*GM TurnerWorcestershire v Oxford University1982f34035
237  DB D'OliveiraWorcestershire v Oxford University1991f39340
236  ERT HolmesOxford University v Free Foresters1927f11971
236  MJ PowellWarwickshire v Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2001f45881
230  GA HickZimbabweans v Oxford University1985f35785
229*PR UmrigarIndians v Oxford University1952f19549
228  T BowringOxford University v Gentlemen of England1908f7395
228  C WashbrookLancashire v Oxford University1935f14904
228  PJ SharpeDerbyshire v Oxford University1976f31094
224*FE WoolleyKent v Oxford University1913f8796
221*AA BaigOxford University v Free Foresters1959f22732
217  RB NichollsGloucestershire v Oxford University1962f24188
216*MA WaghWarwickshire v Oxford University1999f44408
216  CM SpearmanGloucestershire v Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2005f48609
215  EG ArnoldWorcestershire v Oxford University1910f7950
211*WR HammondGloucestershire v Oxford University1930f13058
210  BC FrancisAustralians v Oxford and Cambridge Universities1972f29189
210*JJB LewisDurham v Oxford University1997f43034
209  ESB WilliamsArmy v Oxford University1925f11215
207  DR WalshOxford University v Warwickshire1969f27677
206  DN MooreGloucestershire v Oxford University1930f13058
206*MCJ NicholasHampshire v Oxford University1982f34056
204*VL ManjrekarIndians v Oxford University1959f22705
204  SD RobsonMiddlesex v Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University2010f52448
203*WN SlackMiddlesex v Oxford University1982f34066
202  RL HoldsworthOxford University v Free Foresters1921f9891
202*RM PrideauxNorthamptonshire v Oxford University1963f24785
201  TW GraveneyGloucestershire v Oxford University1951f19077
201  RT SimpsonNottinghamshire v Oxford University1951f19138
201*IJF HutchinsonMiddlesex v Oxford University1989f38092
200  HW LeeMiddlesex v Oxford University1929f12689
200  CL SmithHampshire v Oxford University1991f39284
200*MJ PowellGlamorgan v Oxford University1997f43108





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