The University Parks, Oxford - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in List A matches

  1194  CG Greenidge & VP TerryHampshire v Combined Universities1987a5191
  2168  TP Hodgson & UBA RashidBritish Universities v Hampshire1997a10500
  393  Combined Universities v Surrey1984a4007
  4110  Leicestershire v Oxford University1973a874
  5103*MV Fleming & MA EalhamKent v British Universities1998a11167
  661  Leicestershire v Oxford University1973a874
  661  Northamptonshire v Combined Universities1975a1386
  748  Kent v Combined Universities1976a1629
  864  Combined Universities v Gloucestershire1982a3275
  951  Kent v British Universities1996a9792
1013*Surrey v Combined Universities1984a4007





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