County Ground, Northampton - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in first-class cricket

6WHV LevettNorthamptonshire v Kent1934f14700
6D RipleySussex v Northamptonshire1988f37629
6SM DaviesNorthamptonshire v Worcestershire2008f50802
6GH RoderickNorthamptonshire v Gloucestershire2015f56349
5TW OatesNorthamptonshire v Nottinghamshire1909f7769
5FH HuishNorthamptonshire v Kent1911f8232
5WAS OldfieldNorthamptonshire v Australians1921f9942
5WR AllenNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire1921f9977
5GB StreetNorthamptonshire v Sussex1922f10385
5TW OatesNorthamptonshire v Nottinghamshire1924f10899
5BW BellamySomerset v Northamptonshire1929f12897
5BW BellamySurrey v Northamptonshire1932f14042
5J BuckinghamNorthamptonshire v Warwickshire1938f16295
5KV AndrewGlamorgan v Northamptonshire1964f25295
5G SharpMiddlesex v Northamptonshire1973f29657
5MG GriffithNorthamptonshire v Sussex1973f29731
5G SharpPakistanis v Northamptonshire1978f32034
5G SharpYorkshire v Northamptonshire1984f35246
5RJ ParksNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1985f35731
5D RipleySussex v Northamptonshire1987f37104
5D RipleyLeicestershire v Northamptonshire1989f38064
5D RipleyEssex v Northamptonshire1991f39311
5D RipleyEssex v Northamptonshire1993f40625
5P MooresNorthamptonshire v Sussex1994f41208
5KR BrownNorthamptonshire v Middlesex1996f42500
5JN BattyNorthamptonshire v Surrey1999f44384
5DC NashNorthamptonshire v Middlesex2000f45129
5WK HeggNorthamptonshire v Lancashire2001f45872
5NJ O'BrienGloucestershire v Northamptonshire2009f51581
5JN BattyNorthamptonshire v Surrey2009f51614
5NJ O'BrienMiddlesex v Northamptonshire2009f51725
5D MurphyGlamorgan v Northamptonshire2010f52481
5GO JonesNorthamptonshire v Kent2012f53996
5D MurphyGlamorgan v Northamptonshire2013f54941
5AM RossingtonSussex v Northamptonshire2014f55766
5AM RossingtonDerbyshire v Northamptonshire2015f56471
5NJ O'BrienNorthamptonshire v Leicestershire2015f56502
5D MurphyLeicestershire v Northamptonshire2015f56502
5P MustardNorthamptonshire v Gloucestershire2016f57252





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