Mote Park, Maidstone - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

31Hampshire v Kent1967f26875
38Kent v Lancashire1881f2445
44Surrey v Kent1884f2796
47Nottinghamshire v Kent1894f4086
51Kent v Lancashire1882f2560
52Kent v Lancashire1889f3422
52Kent v Nottinghamshire1894f4086
55Derbyshire v Kent1880f2346
56Kent v Sussex1871f1646
56Sussex v Kent1881f2421
56Kent v Surrey1882f2533
56Middlesex v Kent1913f8922
61Kent v Lancashire1881f2445
62Kent v Sussex1871f1646
62Yorkshire v Kent1889f3396
64Middlesex v Kent1956f21430
65Sussex v Kent1871f1646
66Derbyshire v Kent1907f7243
69Sussex v Kent1929f12816
71Yorkshire v Kent1889f3396
72Sussex v Kent1881f2421
73Yorkshire v Kent1891f3659
74Cambridgeshire v Kent1863f1221
74Kent v Yorkshire1881f2414
74Warwickshire v Kent1922f10303
75Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1859f1088
75Yorkshire v Kent1888f3323
76Kent v Sussex1932f13963
77Surrey v Kent1882f2533
77Lancashire v Kent1886f3073
77Kent v Australians1890f3534
77Middlesex v Kent1899f5154
78Yorkshire v Kent1910f8050
78Kent v Yorkshire1958f22361
79Derbyshire v Kent1878f2150
79Kent v Middlesex1913f8922
81Kent v Surrey1872f1724
82Lancashire v Kent1886f3073
83Middlesex v Kent1931f13592
83Leicestershire v Kent1932f13972
84Surrey v Kent1873f1772
85Sussex v Kent1883f2653
86Surrey v Kent1872f1724
86Lancashire v Kent1877f2079
86Middlesex v Kent1913f8922
88Lancashire v Kent1913f8916
88Middlesex v Kent1914f9198
89Kent v Lancashire1886f3073
89Kent v Middlesex1946f17254
90Yorkshire v Kent1879f2238
91Nottinghamshire v Kent1888f3296
92Gloucestershire v Kent1924f10968
93Kent v Warwickshire1951f19254
94Marylebone Cricket Club v Kent1859f1088
94Kent v Surrey1872f1724
95Hampshire v Kent1967f26875
96Surrey v Kent1861f1166
96Kent v Yorkshire1888f3323
96Worcestershire v Kent1953f20133
97Kent v Nottinghamshire1887f3196
97Warwickshire v Kent1896f4521
97Somerset v Kent1902f5927
97Glamorgan v Kent1974f30195
98Gloucestershire v Kent2005f48697
99Kent v Surrey1873f1772
99Derbyshire v Kent1978f32140





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