Central Recreation Ground, Hastings - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in first-class cricket

5GB StreetWorcestershire v Sussex1923f10623
5WL CornfordSurrey v Sussex1929f12865
5JT MurrayWest Indians v LEG Ames' XI1957f21979
5BA BarnettEngland XI v Commonwealth XI1960f23456
5ATW GroutAER Gilligan's XI v Australians1961f23977
4AFA LilleySouth v North1895f4366
4AFA LilleySurrey and Sussex v The Rest1900f5488
4GB StreetGloucestershire v Sussex1914f9182
4JC HubbleSussex v Kent1924f11025
4TA WardSouth v South Africans1924f11074
4WL CornfordNorthamptonshire v Sussex1932f14007
4WL CornfordKent v Sussex1933f14389
4TG EvansSussex v Kent1951f19274
4HW StephensonEngland XI v Commonwealth XI1951f19377
4PG JoshiAER Gilligan's XI v Indians1959f22946
4JM ParksKent v Sussex1960f23335
4JM ParksKent v Sussex1963f24883
4RW TaylorSussex v Derbyshire1963f24891
4IJ GouldGloucestershire v Sussex1982f34067
4APE KnottSussex v Kent1984f35265





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