Garrison Ground 2, Gillingham - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

3FE WoolleyWorcestershire v Kent1937f15673
3BH ValentineNottinghamshire v Kent1946f17112
3AE FaggDerbyshire v Kent1948f17898
3CS ElliottKent v Derbyshire1948f17898
3AE FaggGlamorgan v Kent1950f18675
3P HearnSussex v Kent1950f18699
3J LangridgeKent v Sussex1950f18699
3GM EmmettKent v Gloucestershire1953f20026
3CA MiltonKent v Gloucestershire1953f20026
3MR HallamKent v Leicestershire1954f20416
3RC WilsonSomerset v Kent1961f23657
3RC DavisKent v Glamorgan1967f26944
3MH DennessHampshire v Kent1968f27331
2TW SpencerGloucestershire v Kent1938f16099
2TWJ GoddardKent v Gloucestershire1938f16099
2RW HaynesKent v Gloucestershire1938f16099
2AE FaggGloucestershire v Kent1938f16099
2SH MartinKent v Worcestershire1939f16466
2FW StocksKent v Nottinghamshire1946f17112
2WB RobertsKent v Lancashire1948f17865
2AE FaggLancashire v Kent1948f17865
2C WashbrookKent v Lancashire1948f17865
2WH CopsonKent v Derbyshire1948f17898
2JHG DeightonKent v Combined Services1949f18242
2E CrushCombined Services v Kent1949f18242
2FR BrownKent v Northamptonshire1949f18259
2AE NutterKent v Northamptonshire1949f18259
2VJ ScottCombined Services v New Zealanders1949f18370
2JHG DeightonNew Zealanders v Combined Services1949f18370
2WM WallaceCombined Services v New Zealanders1949f18370
2AJ WatkinsKent v Glamorgan1950f18675
2LEG AmesGlamorgan v Kent1950f18675
2W WoollerKent v Glamorgan1950f18675
2C OakesKent v Sussex1950f18699
2AE FaggNottinghamshire v Kent1951f19074
2MC CowdreyNottinghamshire v Kent1951f19074
2PF HarveyKent v Nottinghamshire1951f19074
2W Murray-WoodNottinghamshire v Kent1952f19508
2JD ClayKent v Nottinghamshire1952f19508
2A JepsonKent v Nottinghamshire1952f19508
2F RidgwayNottinghamshire v Kent1952f19508
2BR EdrichNottinghamshire v Kent1952f19508
2GA SmithsonKent v Leicestershire1954f20416
2VE JacksonKent v Leicestershire1954f20416
2JG SpanswickEssex v Kent1955f20939
2AE FaggSomerset v Kent1956f21454
2RC WilsonSomerset v Kent1957f21748
2AH PhebeySomerset v Kent1957f21748
2AC RevillKent v Leicestershire1958f22296
2F RidgwayLeicestershire v Kent1958f22296
2MC CowdreyCambridge University v Kent1959f22784
2PH JonesCambridge University v Kent1959f22784
2MC CowdreyCambridge University v Kent1959f22784
2JM ProdgerCambridge University v Kent1959f22784
2GL KeithKent v Somerset1961f23657
2CRM AtkinsonKent v Somerset1961f23657
2GL KeithKent v Somerset1961f23657
2BA LangfordKent v Somerset1961f23657
2DB CloseKent v Yorkshire1962f24466
2MH DennessSomerset v Kent1963f24952
2BA LangfordKent v Somerset1963f24952
2RT VirginKent v Somerset1963f24952
2RT VirginKent v Somerset1963f24952
2MC CowdreyLancashire v Kent1964f25395
2MC CowdreyLancashire v Kent1964f25395
2BW LuckhurstLancashire v Kent1964f25395
2JH HampshireKent v Yorkshire1965f25890
2R IllingworthKent v Yorkshire1965f25890
2PJ SharpeKent v Yorkshire1965f25890
2D WilsonKent v Yorkshire1965f25890
2RMC GilliatKent v Hampshire1966f26440
2PJ SainsburyKent v Hampshire1966f26440
2DJ ShepherdKent v Glamorgan1967f26944
2JN ShepherdGlamorgan v Kent1967f26944
2RV LewisKent v Hampshire1968f27331
2BW LuckhurstHampshire v Kent1968f27331





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