Dewsbury and Savile Ground, Dewsbury - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

48Somerset v Yorkshire1900f5381
51Sussex v Yorkshire1894f4041
53England XI v Players of the North1878f2097
53Lancashire v Yorkshire1886f3050
55Yorkshire v Australians1880f2293
55Sussex v Yorkshire1894f4041
56Leicestershire v Yorkshire1898f4933
57Warwickshire v Yorkshire1905f6637
61Yorkshire v Sussex1891f3603
63Yorkshire v Cambridgeshire1867f1449
64Essex v Yorkshire1933f14174
65Australians v Yorkshire1880f2293
65Kent v Yorkshire1883f2624
68Cambridgeshire v Yorkshire1867f1449
68Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1906f6940
68Essex v Yorkshire1933f14174
71England XI v Players of the North1878f2097
72Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1890f3536
73Somerset v Yorkshire1912f8521
74South v North1870f1613
74Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire1906f6940
75South v North1870f1613
76Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1868f1498
78Somerset v Yorkshire1896f4520
79Kent v Yorkshire1883f2624
81Kent v Yorkshire1870f1594
81Yorkshire v Kent1910f7966
82Hampshire v Yorkshire1919f9420
85Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire1868f1498
85Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1887f3169
85Worcestershire v Yorkshire1912f8600
87Gloucestershire v Yorkshire1922f10329
95All England Eleven v United England Eleven1868f1469
95Players of the North v England XI1878f2097
95Yorkshire v Sussex1891f3603
96Essex v Yorkshire1923f10638
98Kent v Yorkshire1870f1594
98Leicestershire v Yorkshire1898f4933





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