County Ground, Chelmsford - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3AR LewisEssex v Glamorgan1971a463
3Asif IqbalEssex v Kent1973a897
3MH DennessEssex v Kent1973a897
3MH DennessEssex v Kent1975a1343
3JF SteeleEssex v Leicestershire1980a2732
3CWJ AtheyEssex v Gloucestershire1984a3992
3GA GoochGlamorgan v Essex1986a4832
3DR PringleLeicestershire v Essex1987a5247
3GA GoochWorcestershire v Essex1987a5323
3JK LeverLancashire v Essex1987a5415
3RJ BartlettEssex v Somerset1989a6059
3GA GoochDerbyshire v Essex1995a9398
3GA GoochMiddlesex v Essex1996a9806
3AJ PughEssex v Devon1996a9917
3KA ParsonsEssex v Somerset1997a10590
3BM McMillanEssex v South Africans1998a11309
3AR WhittallSouth Africa v Zimbabwe1999a11944
3N HussainKent v Essex1999a11972
3RC IraniMiddlesex v Essex2001a13456
3N HussainLancashire v Essex2002a14348
3GG WaggEssex v Warwickshire2003a15159
3WI JeffersonGlamorgan v Essex2003a15232
3JP CrawleyEssex v Hampshire2007a18192
3ML PettiniWorcestershire v Essex2007a18309
3CG TaylorEssex v Gloucestershire2010a20560
3SD SnellEssex v Gloucestershire2010a20560
3PJ HortonEssex v Lancashire2012a22098
2GS SobersEssex v Nottinghamshire1969a129
2DJ HalfyardEssex v Nottinghamshire1969a129
2BL IrvineLancashire v Essex1969a137
2G BarkerLancashire v Essex1969a137
2JA StandenEssex v Worcestershire1970a302
2MA BussEssex v Sussex1970a328
2MG GriffithEssex v Sussex1970a328
2JB MortimoreEssex v Gloucestershire1970a428
2GJ SavilleNottinghamshire v Essex1971a475
2PW BichenerEssex v Bedfordshire1971a482
2DS SteeleEssex v Northamptonshire1972a673
2KWR FletcherNorthamptonshire v Essex1972a673
2GJ SavilleSussex v Essex1972a814
2RDV KnightEssex v Gloucestershire1973a1020
2RE EastWorcestershire v Essex1973a1042
2JA OrmrodEssex v Worcestershire1973a1042
2KR PontSurrey v Essex1974a1142
2JK LeverWorcestershire v Essex1975a1486
2KD BoyceMiddlesex v Essex1976a1670
2RE EastNorthamptonshire v Essex1976a1678
2S TurnerSurrey v Essex1976a1779
2MH DennessMinor Counties East v Essex1977a1864
2RE EastSomerset v Essex1977a1896
2KWR FletcherKent v Essex1977a1912
2KWR FletcherSussex v Essex1977a2003
2VA HolderEssex v Worcestershire1977a2055
2KWR FletcherNottinghamshire v Essex1978a2124
2JM RiceEssex v Hampshire1978a2201
2KS McEwanWorcestershire v Essex1978a2244
2KWR FletcherLeicestershire v Essex1978a2262
2BR HardieDerbyshire v Essex1979a2368
2KWR FletcherSussex v Essex1979a2400
2GD MendisEssex v Sussex1979a2400
2A SidebottomEssex v Yorkshire1979a2470
2KS McEwanMiddlesex v Essex1979a2531
2KS McEwanWest Indians v Essex1980a2667
2RJ HadleeEssex v Nottinghamshire1980a2708
2RT RobinsonEssex v Nottinghamshire1980a2708
2P WilleyEssex v Northamptonshire1980a2807
2RS MadugalleEssex v Sri Lankans1981a3054
2GA GoochSri Lankans v Essex1981a3054
2S TurnerYorkshire v Essex1981a3057
2PH EdmondsEssex v Middlesex1981a3110
2CS CowdreyEssex v Kent1982a3277
2GA GoochKent v Essex1982a3277
2GA GoochHampshire v Essex1982a3291
2BR HardieHampshire v Essex1982a3291
2BR HardieHampshire v Essex1982a3299
2IVA RichardsEssex v Somerset1982a3331
2RE EastKent v Essex1982a3386
2BC RoseEssex v Somerset1983a3628
2KWR FletcherSussex v Essex1983a3646
2NA FosterWarwickshire v Essex1983a3666
2KWR FletcherKent v Essex1983a3684
2AR BorderIndia v Australia1983a3708
2CJ TavaréEssex v Kent1983a3762
2MW GattingEssex v Middlesex1983a3791
2C GladwinGloucestershire v Essex1984a3992
2JK LeverSurrey v Essex1984a4048
2N PhillipSurrey v Essex1984a4048
2ST JefferiesEssex v Lancashire1984a4062
2GA GoochNorthamptonshire v Essex1984a4075
2KS McEwanWorcestershire v Essex1984a4146
2DA ThorneEssex v Combined Universities1985a4420
2P CarrickEssex v Yorkshire1985a4595
2P BainbridgeEssex v Gloucestershire1986a4824
2GA GoochNottinghamshire v Essex1986a4864
2CK BullenEssex v Surrey1986a4980
2KWR FletcherGlamorgan v Essex1986a5003
2IJ GouldEssex v Sussex1987a5318
2IT BothamEssex v Worcestershire1987a5323
2JK LeverGloucestershire v Essex1987a5333
2G CookEssex v Northamptonshire1987a5347
2DR PringleNorthamptonshire v Essex1987a5347
2ARC FraserEssex v Middlesex1987a5364
2AR BorderKent v Essex1988a5601
2G MillerSurrey v Essex1988a5607
2TD TopleySurrey v Essex1988a5607
2BR HardieSussex v Essex1988a5644
2DJ WildEssex v Northamptonshire1988a5661
2CK BullenEssex v Surrey1988a5682
2ZA SadiqEssex v Surrey1988a5682
2DP SimpkinsEssex v Wiltshire1988a5714
2JK LeverGlamorgan v Essex1989a6029
2BR HardieGlamorgan v Essex1989a6029
2GA GoochLancashire v Essex1989a6068
2GD MendisEssex v Lancashire1989a6068
2MA EalhamEssex v Kent1990a6474
2PJ PrichardZimbabweans v Essex1990a6553
2DI GowerEssex v Hampshire1990a6636
2GA GoochHampshire v Essex1990a6636
2TD TopleyHampshire v Essex1990a6636
2PM SuchSussex v Essex1990a6662
2DS LehmannEssex v Victoria1991a7203
2GA GoochSurrey v Essex1992a7513
2JP StephensonSurrey v Essex1992a7513
2NV KnightGlamorgan v Essex1992a7567
2MP MaynardEssex v Glamorgan1992a7567
2CL HooperEssex v Kent1992a7586
2MG ScothernEssex v Cumberland1992a7612
2MD WoodsEssex v Cumberland1992a7612
2JJB LewisGloucestershire v Essex1992a7717
2AP GraysonEssex v Yorkshire1993a8021
2Saleem MalikDerbyshire v Essex1993a8047
2NV KnightDurham v Essex1993a8146
2W LarkinsEssex v Durham1993a8146
2RM WightEssex v Gloucestershire1994a8650
2N HussainWorcestershire v Essex1995a9202
2JE MorrisEssex v Durham1995a9269
2DG CorkEssex v Derbyshire1995a9398
2GA GoochBritish Universities v Essex1996a9817
2PM SuchLancashire v Essex1996a9887
2PA CotteyEssex v Glamorgan1996a9952
2AW EvansEssex v Glamorgan1996a9952
2AP GraysonGlamorgan v Essex1997a10440
2JC PooleyEssex v Middlesex1997a10473
2SG LawMiddlesex v Essex1997a10473
2N HussainSomerset v Essex1997a10481
2J BoilingEssex v Durham1997a10507
2SG LawWorcestershire v Essex1997a10629
2SG LawGlamorgan v Essex1997a10654
2NMK SmithEssex v Warwickshire1997a10670
2MC IlottSussex v Essex1998a11111
2MR RamprakashEssex v Middlesex1998a11157
2SG LawLancashire v Essex1998a11199
2NH FairbrotherEssex v Lancashire1998a11199
2JN RhodesEssex v South Africans1998a11309
2S ElworthyEssex v South Africans1998a11309
2AP CowanGlamorgan v Essex1998a11319
2PR PollardEssex v Nottinghamshire1998a11352
2PM SuchLancashire v Essex1999a11869
2PJ MartinEssex v Lancashire1999a11869
2A FlintoffEssex v Lancashire1999a11869
2DJ CullinanZimbabwe v South Africa1999a11944
2PJ PrichardWorcestershire v Essex1999a12109
2EJ WilsonEssex v Worcestershire1999a12109
2CJ AdamsEssex v Sussex2000a12670
2RSC Martin-JenkinsEssex v Sussex2000a12670
2JL LangerEssex v Middlesex2000a12678
2PN WeekesEssex v Middlesex2000a12678
2TJ MasonDerbyshire v Essex2000a12856
2N HussainKent v Essex2001a13426
2SG LawMiddlesex v Essex2001a13456
2DA LeatherdaleEssex v Worcestershire2001a13635
2RC IraniWorcestershire v Essex2001a13635
2AC RichardsSussex Cricket Board v Essex Cricket Board2001a13669
2GR NapierSussex v Essex2002a14237
2N ShahidEssex v Surrey2002a14253
2GR NapierHampshire v Essex2002a14264
2GR NapierWorcestershire v Essex2002a14328
2I JonesEssex v Middlesex2002a14409
2JWM DalrympleEssex v Middlesex2002a14409
2JB GrantSurrey v Essex2002a14528
2JP StephensonSussex v Essex2002a14569
2JD MiddlebrookPakistanis v Essex2003a15150
2IJL TrottEssex v Warwickshire2003a15159
2DD EbrahimEssex v Zimbabweans2003a15172
2CM SpearmanEssex v Gloucestershire2003a15207
2WI JeffersonGloucestershire v Essex2004a15953
2RC IraniGlamorgan v Essex2005a16616
2AR AdamsGloucestershire v Essex2005a16666
2RN ten DoeschateGloucestershire v Essex2005a16666
2AR AdamsNorthamptonshire v Essex2005a16715
2AN CookIreland v Essex2006a17416
2CJ AdamsEssex v Sussex2006a17445
2LJ WrightEssex v Sussex2006a17445
2RS BoparaGloucestershire v Essex2006a17469
2RN ten DoeschateNorthamptonshire v Essex2006a17512
2TJ PhillipsLancashire v Essex2006a17593
2JHK AdamsEssex v Hampshire2007a18192
2SJ CookEssex v Kent2007a18201
2GW FlowerSomerset v Essex2007a18261
2ML PettiniSomerset v Essex2007a18261
2HJH MarshallEssex v Gloucestershire2007a18362
2MA ButcherEssex v Surrey2008a18998
2A McGrathEssex v Yorkshire2008a19058
2A LythEssex v Yorkshire2008a19058
2RN ten DoeschateYorkshire v Essex2008a19058
2MH YardyEssex v Sussex2009a19842
2A LythEssex v Yorkshire2010a20533
2GW FlowerGloucestershire v Essex2010a20560
2AN CookGloucestershire v Essex2010a20560
2ML PettiniNottinghamshire v Essex2011a21331
2AJA WheaterNottinghamshire v Essex2011a21331
2GR NapierLancashire v Essex2011a21337
2JC MickleburghLancashire v Essex2011a21337
2GR NapierGlamorgan v Essex2011a21417
2GM SmithAustralians v Essex2012a22014
2DJ MalanEssex v Middlesex2012a22043
2GR NapierLeicestershire v Essex2012a22068
2G ChappleEssex v Lancashire2012a22098
2VS SolankiEssex v Surrey2013a22658





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