FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

15--2J ChesterMarylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University1850f816
15-88SMJ WoodsCambridge University v CI Thornton's XI1890f3460
15-138HC McDonellCambridge University v Surrey1904f6349
14-61W FlowersMarylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University1883f2601
14-72CHG BlandSussex v Cambridge University1897f4651
14-75ER WilsonCambridge University v Worcestershire1901f5553
14-76N GiffordWorcestershire v Cambridge University1972f29125
14-80EJ TylerHT Hewett's XII v Cambridge University1892f3735
14-102MJC AllomCambridge University v Army1927f11939
14-137CM SharpeCambridge University v Surrey1875f1862
13--2J McCormickCambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1855f965
13-48RG BarlowEngland XI v Cambridge University1880f2271
13-49RC RamsayCambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1882f2465
13-65RJO MeyerCambridge University v Leicestershire1925f11179
13-75WS LeesSurrey v Cambridge University1903f6098
13-80WN PowysCambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1871f1619
13-80A RylottMarylebone Cricket Club v Cambridge University1873f1736
13-85AG SteelCambridge University v Yorkshire1878f2098
13-93T EmmettCI Thornton's XI v Cambridge University1884f2727
13-111M FalconFree Foresters v Cambridge University1914f9112
13-117JH Bruce-LockhartCambridge University v Yorkshire1909f7662
13-123WS LeesSurrey v Cambridge University1904f6349
13-147CT StuddGentlemen of England v Cambridge University1884f2739
13-155GA RoweSouth Africans v Cambridge University1901f5575
13-248JA CuffeHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Cambridge University1909f7692
12--2A MynnGentlemen of Kent v Cambridge University1848f761
12-33HL JacksonDerbyshire v Cambridge University1959f22641
12-62HJ GoodwinCambridge University v Lancashire1907f7096
12-64EE HemmingsWarwickshire v Cambridge University1975f30558
12-66PR MayCambridge University v Yorkshire1906f6833
12-67GL JessopCambridge University v Hampshire1898f4902
12-72A HillEngland XI v Cambridge University1874f1796
12-74GA LohmannCI Thornton's XI v Cambridge University1889f3352
12-80T EmmettEngland XI v Cambridge University1879f2195
12-80CEM WilsonCambridge University v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1897f4688
12-81SJ StaplesNottinghamshire v Cambridge University1928f12284
12-82FJ TitmusMiddlesex v Cambridge University1962f24201
12-83D BuchananGentlemen of England v Cambridge University1869f1521
12-88IA GreigSussex v Cambridge University1981f33568
12-98AF MorcomCambridge University v Northamptonshire1906f6855
12-108T RichardsonSurrey v Cambridge University1894f4038
12-114FS JacksonCambridge University v Yorkshire1890f3479
12-115C TillardCambridge University v England XI1873f1738
12-115DAJ HolfordWest Indians v Cambridge University1966f26245
12-119SMJ WoodsCambridge University v Gentlemen of England1888f3232
12-137SMJ WoodsCambridge University v Yorkshire1888f3244
12-138TPB SmithEssex v Cambridge University1947f17461
12-161WE MerrittNorthamptonshire v Cambridge University1939f16438
12-179RC RamsayCambridge University v Australians1882f2481
12-227JG BracewellNew Zealanders v Oxford and Cambridge Universities1990f38781





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