FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge - Highest Team Totals in first-class cricket

730-3West Indians v Cambridge University1950f18664
708-5dAustralians v Cambridge University1938f16082
692South Africans v Cambridge University1901f5575
650-8dAustralian Imperial Forces v Cambridge University1919f9338
636-7dFree Foresters v Cambridge University1938f16156
610-5dOxford University v Cambridge University2005f48720
596-8dFree Foresters v Cambridge University1919f9357
594-4dCambridge University v West Indians1950f18664
593Cambridge University v Gentlemen of England1880f2279
577-6dNorthamptonshire v Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2007f50012
559-8dNottinghamshire v Cambridge University1936f15318
550-7dOxford University v Cambridge University2013f54889
540Yorkshire v Cambridge University1938f16067
539Yorkshire v Cambridge University1884f2731
537Army v Cambridge University1939f16513
533-5dEssex v Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2001f45831
533Cambridge University v Free Foresters1938f16156
531Cambridge University v Leicestershire1939f16504
530-8dNottinghamshire v Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University2016f57070
527-7dSussex v Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2009f51556
522-7dOxford University v Cambridge University2003f47320
516-5dWorcestershire v Cambridge University1903f6084
515Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1895f4237
513-5dCambridge University v Glamorgan1934f14543
512West Indians v Cambridge University1963f24703
506-6dEssex v Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University2012f53970
504-8dAustralians v Cambridge University1930f13106
504-9dDerbyshire v Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence2007f50031
502Cambridge University v Royal Navy1919f9361





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