FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3PD JohnsonWorcestershire v Cambridge University1972a649
3CJ TavaréCombined Universities v Kent1986a4824
2PH EdmondsWorcestershire v Cambridge University1972a649
2JA OrmrodCambridge University v Worcestershire1972a649
2DA JanesCambridgeshire v Buckinghamshire1972a751
2BW LuckhurstCambridge University v Kent1974a1097
2GW JohnsonCambridge University v Kent1974a1097
2JA OrmrodCombined Universities v Worcestershire1975a1342
2PJ HayesWorcestershire v Combined Universities1975a1342
2GRJ RoopeCombined Universities v Surrey1977a1903
2GP HowarthCombined Universities v Surrey1977a1903
2DR TurnerCombined Universities v Hampshire1978a2106
2P WilleyCombined Universities v Northamptonshire1979a2374
2EJO HemsleyCombined Universities v Worcestershire1980a2626
2JM BrearleyCombined Universities v Middlesex1982a3306
2MW GattingCombined Universities v Middlesex1982a3306
2RA WoolmerCombined Universities v Kent1983a3615
2SP HendersonGlamorgan v Combined Universities1983a3627
2J BoilingHampshire v Combined Universities1988a5654
2DB D'OliveiraCombined Universities v Worcestershire1991a6998
2MW GattingBritish Universities v Middlesex1996a9848
2JD CarrBritish Universities v Middlesex1996a9848
2ET SmithSussex v British Universities1997a10454
2UBA RashidSussex v British Universities1997a10454





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