One-Day International Matches played on County Ground, Bristol (16)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
13th June 1983 Prudential World Cup 1983 Group ANew Zealand v Sri Lankao207
16th May 1999 ICC World Cup 1999 Group BPakistan v West Indieso1447
23rd May 1999 ICC World Cup 1999 Group AIndia v Kenyao1458
6th July 2000 National Westminster Bank Series 2000  West Indies v Zimbabweo1605
10th June 2001 National Westminster Bank Series 2001  England v Australiao1721
11th July 2002 National Westminster Bank Series 2002  India v Sri Lankao1855
6th July 2003 National Westminster Bank Series 2003  England v Zimbabweo2034
4th July 2004 National Westminster Bank Series 2004  England v New Zealando2139
19th June 2005 National Westminster Bank Series 2005  England v Australiao2251
24th August 2007 India in British Isles 2007 2nd ODIEngland v Indiao2613
21st June 2008 New Zealand in England 2008 3rd ODIEngland v New Zealando2710
24th May 2009 West Indies in England 2009 2nd ODIEngland v West Indieso2850
10th July 2010 Bangladesh in British Isles 2010 2nd ODIEngland v Bangladesho3025
25th August 2014 India in England 2014 1st ODIEngland v Indiao3513a
26th June 2016 Sri Lanka in England and Ireland 2016 3rd ODIEngland v Sri Lankao3755
5th May 2017 Ireland in England 2017 1st ODIEngland v Irelando3864
24th September 2017 West Indies in England and Ireland 2017 3rd ODIEngland v West Indieso3915





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