Royal New Ground, Brighton - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

23Kent v Sussex1828f402
27England v Sussex1827f389
30England v Sussex1833f463
40Kent v Sussex1825f364
40Sussex v England1833f465
40England v Sussex1840f574
42Sussex v Kent1825f364
43Kent v Sussex1825f364
43Kent v Sussex1826f379
44Kent v Sussex1829f412
44Sussex v England1834f476
45Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1823f352
47Sussex v Kent1841f581
48Sussex v England1829f416
49Epsom v Brighton1814f298
49England v Sussex1838f541
49Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1841f594
50Sussex v Nottinghamshire1837f520
50Sussex v England1840f574
51Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1835f487
51Kent v Sussex1836f508
52Sussex v England1833f463
52Sussex v England1843f649
53Sussex v England1829f416
54Sussex v Epsom1815f304
54Nottinghamshire v Sussex1837f520
55Sussex v Kent1838f535
55Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1842f618
56Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1837f523
57England v Sussex1829f416
58Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1837f523
62Sussex v Kent1839f550
62Nottinghamshire v Sussex1840f565
63England v Sussex1833f465
63Sussex v England1839f559
63Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1841f594
63England v Sussex1843f649
65Sussex v Nottinghamshire1835f489
65Sussex v England1840f574
66Sussex v England1833f463
67England v Sussex1837f526
67England v Sussex1838f541
67Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1839f556
67Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1847f755
69England v Sussex1834f476
71Kent v Sussex1826f379
71Sussex v England1828f399
71Nottinghamshire v Sussex1837f520
72England v Sussex1832f448
72Sussex v England1838f541
73Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1841f594
74Kent v Sussex1836f508
75Epsom v Sussex1815f304
75Nottinghamshire v Sussex1835f489
75Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1838f539
77Sussex v England1827f389
77Sussex v Kent1829f412
77Kent v Sussex1837f516
77Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1837f523
78Sussex v England1833f465
79Sussex v England1834f476
80England v Sussex1847f758
81Sussex v Marylebone Cricket Club1838f539
84England v Sussex1832f448
86Sussex v Kent1837f516
86Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1847f755
87Sussex v England1843f649
88Kent v Sussex1827f393
89England v Sussex1833f463
89Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1846f728
90Sussex v Kent1836f508
90Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1839f556
91Epsom v Brighton1814f298
91Sussex v Kent1846f718
92Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1823f352
93Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1836f505
93Sussex v Kent1842f613
93Sussex v Kent1842f613
94Sussex v Nottinghamshire1835f489
95Sussex v England1827f389
95England v Sussex1833f465
96Kent v Sussex1829f412
96Sussex v Kent1846f718
98Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1841f594
99Kent v Sussex1839f550
99Marylebone Cricket Club v Sussex1839f556
99Sussex v Kent1844f663





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