May's Bounty, Basingstoke - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

3J BadcockWarwickshire v Hampshire1906f6844
3AS KennedyDerbyshire v Hampshire1914f9088
3RH MooreNottinghamshire v Hampshire1936f15427
3H HortonSurrey v Hampshire1967f26767
3JF HarveyHampshire v Derbyshire1971f28813
3Zaheer AbbasHampshire v Gloucestershire1978f32135
3NEJ PocockGlamorgan v Hampshire1980f33126
3MCJ NicholasSussex v Hampshire1983f34665
3MD MoxonHampshire v Yorkshire1984f35226
3G MillerHampshire v Derbyshire1985f35763
3CG GreenidgeSurrey v Hampshire1986f36409
3VP TerrySurrey v Hampshire1989f38122
3PD BowlerHampshire v Somerset1997f43113
3D ByasHampshire v Yorkshire1999f44433
3WS KendallDurham v Hampshire2000f45155
2S KinneirHampshire v Warwickshire1906f6844
2S HargreaveHampshire v Warwickshire1906f6844
2JG GreigWarwickshire v Hampshire1906f6844
2S HargreaveHampshire v Warwickshire1906f6844
2G BrownDerbyshire v Hampshire1914f9088
2CP MeadDerbyshire v Hampshire1914f9088
2CB HarrisHampshire v Nottinghamshire1936f15427
2WEG PaytonHampshire v Cambridge University1937f15802
2RH MooreCambridge University v Hampshire1937f15802
2J ArnoldCambridge University v Hampshire1937f15802
2WCL CreeseLeicestershire v Hampshire1937f15903
2GS BoyesWorcestershire v Hampshire1938f16098
2MJ StewartHampshire v Surrey1967f26767
2DW WhiteSurrey v Hampshire1967f26767
2MJ StewartHampshire v Surrey1967f26767
2PJ SainsburySurrey v Hampshire1967f26767
2RB KanhaiHampshire v Warwickshire1968f27294
2DL AmissHampshire v Warwickshire1968f27294
2BA RichardsWarwickshire v Hampshire1968f27294
2PJ SainsburyWarwickshire v Hampshire1968f27294
2BA RichardsNottinghamshire v Hampshire1969f27945
2RMH CottamMiddlesex v Hampshire1970f28310
2CP WilkinsHampshire v Derbyshire1971f28813
2IW HallHampshire v Derbyshire1971f28813
2DA AllenHampshire v Gloucestershire1972f29176
2JM RiceGloucestershire v Hampshire1972f29176
2CG GreenidgeKent v Hampshire1974f30092
2MNS TaylorKent v Hampshire1974f30092
2GD ArmstrongHampshire v Glamorgan1975f30653
2BA RichardsSussex v Hampshire1976f31072
2JD BirchHampshire v Nottinghamshire1977f31661
2DA GraveneyHampshire v Gloucestershire1978f32135
2PN KirstenHampshire v Derbyshire1979f32643
2A HillHampshire v Derbyshire1979f32643
2JW SouthernDerbyshire v Hampshire1979f32643
2JD MonteithHampshire v Middlesex1981f33552
2CG GreenidgeMiddlesex v Hampshire1981f33552
2KP TomlinsHampshire v Middlesex1981f33552
2MCJ NicholasSussex v Hampshire1983f34665
2NEJ PocockSussex v Hampshire1983f34665
2K SharpHampshire v Yorkshire1984f35226
2NEJ PocockYorkshire v Hampshire1984f35226
2K SharpHampshire v Yorkshire1984f35226
2DG MoirHampshire v Derbyshire1985f35763
2B RobertsHampshire v Derbyshire1985f35763
2JD CarrHampshire v Middlesex1988f37566
2JD CarrHampshire v Middlesex1988f37566
2MCJ NicholasSurrey v Hampshire1989f38122
2RJ MaruSurrey v Hampshire1989f38122
2IG SwallowHampshire v Somerset1990f38742
2RJ MaruLancashire v Hampshire1991f39356
2RJ MaruYorkshire v Hampshire1992f39935
2VP TerryNottinghamshire v Hampshire1994f41128
2JC AdamsHampshire v Nottinghamshire1994f41128
2RJ BaileyHampshire v Northamptonshire1996f42459
2JS LaneyNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1996f42459
2VP TerryNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1996f42459
2M KeechNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1996f42459
2RJ MaruNorthamptonshire v Hampshire1996f42459
2AR CaddickHampshire v Somerset1997f43113
2JNB BovillSomerset v Hampshire1997f43113
2JP StephensonDerbyshire v Hampshire1998f43751
2SD UdalDerbyshire v Hampshire1998f43751
2WS KendallDurham v Hampshire2000f45155
2JHK AdamsDurham v Hampshire2008f50932
2MJ LumbDurham v Hampshire2008f50932
2CC BenhamDurham v Hampshire2008f50932
2LA DawsonYorkshire v Hampshire2009f51688





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