National Bank of Pakistan Challenge Cup 1973/74

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17 Apr 1974 First Round#Baluchistan v Sind Gymkhana Ground, Peshawar misc42086
17 Apr 1974 Quarter-Final#North West Frontier Province v National Bank of Pakistan Peshawar Club Ground, Peshawar misc42087
18 Apr 1974 Quarter-Final#Pakistan Under-19s v Pakistan Universities University Ground, Peshawar misc42089
18 Apr 1974 Quarter-FinalRailways v Punjab Peshawar misc42088a
19 Apr 1974 Semi-Final#National Bank of Pakistan v Pakistan Universities Peshawar misc42091
19 Apr 1974 Quarter-Final#Pakistan International Airlines v Sind Gymkhana Ground, Peshawar misc42090
20 Apr 1974 Semi-Final#Punjab v Sind Peshawar Club Ground, Peshawar misc42092
21 Apr 1974 Final#National Bank of Pakistan v Sind Peshawar Club Ground, Peshawar misc42093

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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