Other matches in England 1847

1847  Chester v Wrexham not known misc
07 May 1847  Rest of Cambridge University v Trinity College, Cambridge Parker's Piece, Cambridge misc167553
07 May 1847  Wadham College, Oxford v Cowley Bullingdon Green, Oxford misc165976
24 May 1847  Lord Burghley's XI v Earl of Winterton's XI Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood misc135833
24 May 1847  Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield Club Hyde Park Ground, Sheffield misc169482
27 May 1847  Bury v Blackburn Radcliffe Road, Bury misc
27 May 1847  CWW Fitzwilliam's XI v E McNiven's XI FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge misc169483
31 May 1847  Godalming v Petworth Broadwater Park, Godalming misc169484
Jun 1847  Manchester v The Garrison Moss Lane, Manchester misc
07 Jun 1847  Hartley Wintney v Montpelier The Cricket Green, Hartley Wintney misc169485
08 Jun 1847  Eton College v I Zingari Agar's Plough, Eton College misc94975
10 Jun 1847  Gentlemen of Kent v Gentlemen of Surrey White Hart Field, Bromley misc94976
11 Jun 1847  Henfield v Steyning The Common, Henfield misc169486
12 Jun 1847  Wadham College, Oxford v Oriel College, Oxford Wadham College Ground, Oxford misc436507
15 Jun 1847  Harrow School v Stoneleigh Harrow School Cricket Ground, Harrow-on-the-Hill misc165977
16 Jun 1847  Accrington v Darwen Tewitt Hall, Accrington misc
16 Jun 1847  Lampeter v Llandovery Lampeter misc
17 Jun 1847  Blackburn v Bury Higher Ouze Booth, Blackburn misc
17 Jun 1847  Brighton v Sompting Royal New Ground, Brighton misc169487
22 Jun 1847  Midhurst v Petworth Midhurst misc169488
23 Jun 1847  Sheffield Wednesday v Sheffield Club Hyde Park Ground, Sheffield misc169489
24 Jun 1847  Eton College v Lord Burghley's XI Agar's Plough, Eton College misc165978
24 Jun 1847  Marylebone Cricket Club v Rugby School Rugby School Ground, Rugby misc106450
24 Jun 1847  Montpelier v Harrow Town Kennington Oval, Kennington misc168787
24 Jun 1847  The Auberies v I Zingari The Auberies, Bulmer misc170646
28 Jun 1847  Darwen v Accrington Barley Bank, Darwen misc
28 Jun 1847  Sheffield v Bradford and Dalton Hyde Park Ground, Sheffield misc168788
29 Jun 1847  Bishop's Stortford v Islington Albion Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc169490
30 Jun 1847  Manchester v Sheffield Moss Lane, Manchester misc6282
Jul 1847  Birkenhead Park v Liverpool Park Drive, Birkenhead misc6284
Jul 1847  Cestrian Club v Liverpool Chester misc6286
Jul 1847  Liverpool v Birkenhead Park Wavertree Road Ground, Liverpool misc6283
Jul 1847  Liverpool v Cestrian Club Wavertree Road Ground, Liverpool misc6285
01 Jul 1847  Eton College v Marylebone Cricket Club Agar's Plough, Eton College misc94977
03 Jul 1847  Harrow School v Hylogeiton Club Harrow School Cricket Ground, Harrow-on-the-Hill misc165979
05 Jul 1847  Gentlemen of Sheffield v Burton-on-Trent Hyde Park Ground, Sheffield misc169491
06 Jul 1847  Harrow School v Harrow Town Harrow School Cricket Ground, Harrow-on-the-Hill misc165980
06 Jul 1847  Henfield v Brighton The Common, Henfield misc169492
08 Jul 1847  Surrey Club v South Hants Club Kennington Oval, Kennington misc168789
09 Jul 1847  Bramshill v I Zingari Bramshill Park, Bramshill misc167739
12 Jul 1847  Bradford and Dalton v Sheffield Horton Lane, Bradford misc168790
15 Jul 1847  Blackheath v Upper Clapton The Heath, Blackheath misc169493
15 Jul 1847  Eton College v Old Etonians Agar's Plough, Eton College misc94978
15 Jul 1847  South Hants Club v Portsmouth and East Hants Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton misc169494
17 Jul 1847  Harrow School v Marylebone Cricket Club Harrow School Cricket Ground, Harrow-on-the-Hill misc94979
20 Jul 1847  Mr Crankshaw v Mr Spratley Penwortham Marsh, Preston misc
20 Jul 1847  Preston v Blackburn Penwortham Marsh, Preston misc
21 Jul 1847  Henfield v Petworth The Common, Henfield misc169495
23 Jul 1847  Denne Park v I Zingari CG Eversfield's Ground, Denne Park misc167740
23 Jul 1847  Eton College v E Coleridge's XI Agar's Plough, Eton College misc165981
24 Jul 1847  Burnley v Heywood Turf Moor, Burnley misc
28 Jul 1847  Harrow School v Winchester College Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood misc94980
29 Jul 1847  Eton College v Winchester College Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood misc94981
29 Jul 1847  Sheffield v Manchester Hyde Park Ground, Sheffield misc6290
30 Jul 1847  Bishop's Stortford v Bardfield Union Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford misc169496
31 Jul 1847  Eton College v Harrow School Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood misc84451
Aug 1847  Shillinglee v Petworth Earl of Winterton's Ground, Shillinglee Park misc169497
Aug 1847  Swansea v Neath Crumlyn Burrows, Swansea misc
02 Aug 1847  Eashing v Petworth Eashing Park, Eashing misc169498
03 Aug 1847  Upper Clapton v Blackheath Clapton misc169499
04 Aug 1847  Burnley v Halifax Turf Moor, Burnley misc
05 Aug 1847  Bramshill v Eashing Bramshill Park, Bramshill misc169500
05 Aug 1847  Gentlemen of Suffolk v Gentlemen of Norfolk Old London Road, Copdock misc94982
05 Aug 1847  Swaffham v Norfolk and Norwich Club Racecourse Ground, Swaffham misc168791
06 Aug 1847  Cambridge University Long Vacation Club v Huntingdonshire Cambridge misc176930
09 Aug 1847  Gentlemen of Mid-Kent v I Zingari Cobham Park, Cobham misc167741
09 Aug 1847  Liverpool v Manchester Wavertree Road Ground, Liverpool misc6292
09 Aug 1847  South Hants Club v Surrey Club Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton misc168792
10 Aug 1847  The Auberies v Cambridge Town Club The Auberies, Bulmer misc170647
14 Aug 1847  Audley End v Cambridge University Long Vacation Club Lord Braybrooke's Ground, Audley End misc106451
14 Aug 1847  Montpelier v Carshalton Kennington Oval, Kennington misc169501
16 Aug 1847  Surrey Club v Clapton Kennington Oval, Kennington misc168793
19 Aug 1847  Burnley v Blackburn Turf Moor, Burnley misc
23 Aug 1847  Henfield v Brighton The Common, Henfield misc169502
23 Aug 1847  Herefordshire v Shropshire Widemarsh Common, Hereford misc103660
23 Aug 1847  Married and Officers of 87th Regiment v Single Cardigan Common, Cardigan misc
23 Aug 1847  South Hants Club v Bramshill Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton misc169503
23 Aug 1847  The Auberies v Marylebone Cricket Club The Auberies, Bulmer misc167361
26 Aug 1847  The Auberies v I Zingari The Auberies, Bulmer misc170648
30 Aug 1847  Bramshill v South Hants Club Bramshill Park, Bramshill misc169504
Sep 1847  Blackburn v Preston Higher Ouze Booth, Blackburn misc
Sep 1847  Manchester Slow Bowlers v Manchester Fast Bowlers Moss Lane, Manchester misc
02 Sep 1847  Cambridge Town Club v Gravesend FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge misc168375
06 Sep 1847  Godalming v Shillinglee Broadwater Park, Godalming misc169505
08 Sep 1847  Surrey Club v Banstead Kennington Oval, Kennington misc168794
09 Sep 1847  Norfolk v Marylebone Cricket Club Racecourse Ground, Swaffham misc94983
13 Sep 1847  Blackburn v Darwen Higher Ouze Booth, Blackburn misc
20 Sep 1847  Conisbrough v Sheffield Conisbrough Common, Conisbrough misc
20 Sep 1847  Hampshire v Portsmouth Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton misc94984
27 Sep 1847  Gentlemen of Sheffield v Players of Sheffield Sheffield misc169506
30 Sep 1847  Preston v Darwen Penwortham Marsh, Preston misc
Oct 1847  Athenaeum v Conisbrough Royd's Ground, Sheffield misc
05 Oct 1847  Darwen v Preston Barley Bank, Darwen misc





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