Cricket Scotland League Eastern Premiership 2017

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29 Apr 2017  Arbroath United v Falkland Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4196
29 Apr 2017  Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire Forthill, Dundee csl4199
29 Apr 2017  Glenrothes v Carlton Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4200
29 Apr 2017  Grange v Heriot's Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4201
29 Apr 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Watsonians Inch Park, Edinburgh csl4205
06 May 2017  Aberdeenshire v Watsonians Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4206
06 May 2017  Arbroath United v Stewart's Melville Royal High Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4207
06 May 2017  Carlton v Grange Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4209
06 May 2017  Falkland v Glenrothes Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4212
06 May 2017  Forfarshire v Heriot's Forthill, Dundee csl4213
13 May 2017  Aberdeenshire v Arbroath United Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4216
13 May 2017  #Carlton v Falkland Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4217
13 May 2017  Glenrothes v Stewart's Melville Royal High Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4219
13 May 2017  Grange v Forfarshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4220
13 May 2017  Heriot's v Watsonians Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4221
20 May 2017  Falkland v Grange Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4223b
20 May 2017  Glenrothes v Aberdeenshire Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4223c
20 May 2017  Heriot's v Arbroath United Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4223d
20 May 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Carlton Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4225a
20 May 2017  Watsonians v Forfarshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl4225b
27 May 2017  Carlton v Aberdeenshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4226
27 May 2017  Falkland v Stewart's Melville Royal High Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4228
27 May 2017  Forfarshire v Arbroath United Forthill, Dundee csl4230
27 May 2017  Grange v Watsonians Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4231
27 May 2017  Heriot's v Glenrothes Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4233
03 Jun 2017  Aberdeenshire v Falkland Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4236
03 Jun 2017  Arbroath United v Watsonians Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4237
03 Jun 2017  Carlton v Heriot's Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4238
03 Jun 2017  Glenrothes v Forfarshire Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4242
03 Jun 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Grange Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4245
10 Jun 2017  Aberdeenshire v Stewart's Melville Royal High Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4246
10 Jun 2017  Arbroath United v Grange Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4246a
10 Jun 2017  Falkland v Heriot's Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4247a
10 Jun 2017  Forfarshire v Carlton Forthill, Dundee csl4248
10 Jun 2017  Watsonians v Glenrothes Myreside, Edinburgh csl4250
17 Jun 2017  Aberdeenshire v Grange Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4251
17 Jun 2017  Carlton v Watsonians Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4252
17 Jun 2017  Forfarshire v Falkland Forthill, Dundee csl4257
17 Jun 2017  Glenrothes v Arbroath United Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4258
17 Jun 2017  Heriot's v Stewart's Melville Royal High Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4259
24 Jun 2017  Aberdeenshire v Heriot's Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4261
24 Jun 2017  Arbroath United v Carlton Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4262
24 Jun 2017  Falkland v Watsonians Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4265
24 Jun 2017  Grange v Glenrothes Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4266
24 Jun 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Forfarshire Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4269
01 Jul 2017  Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4271
01 Jul 2017  Carlton v Glenrothes Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4272
01 Jul 2017  Falkland v Arbroath United Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4275
01 Jul 2017  Heriot's v Grange Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4277
01 Jul 2017  Watsonians v Stewart's Melville Royal High Myreside, Edinburgh csl4280
08 Jul 2017  Glenrothes v Falkland Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4283
08 Jul 2017  Grange v Carlton Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4284
08 Jul 2017  Heriot's v Forfarshire Goldenacre, Edinburgh
08 Jul 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Arbroath United Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4288
08 Jul 2017  Watsonians v Aberdeenshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl4290
15 Jul 2017  Arbroath United v Aberdeenshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4291
15 Jul 2017  Falkland v Carlton Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4292
15 Jul 2017  Forfarshire v Grange Forthill, Dundee csl4293
15 Jul 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Glenrothes Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4294
15 Jul 2017  Watsonians v Heriot's Myreside, Edinburgh csl4295
22 Jul 2017  Aberdeenshire v Glenrothes Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4296
22 Jul 2017  Arbroath United v Heriot's Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4297
22 Jul 2017  Carlton v Stewart's Melville Royal High Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4297a
22 Jul 2017  Forfarshire v Watsonians Forthill, Dundee csl4299
22 Jul 2017  Grange v Falkland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4299a
29 Jul 2017  Aberdeenshire v Carlton Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl4302
29 Jul 2017  Arbroath United v Forfarshire Lochlands Park, Arbroath csl4303
29 Jul 2017  Glenrothes v Heriot's Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4306
29 Jul 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Falkland Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4308
29 Jul 2017  Watsonians v Grange Myreside, Edinburgh csl4309
05 Aug 2017  Falkland v Aberdeenshire Scroggie Park, Falkland csl4311
05 Aug 2017  Forfarshire v Glenrothes Forthill, Dundee csl4312a
05 Aug 2017  Grange v Stewart's Melville Royal High Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4313
05 Aug 2017  Heriot's v Carlton Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4315
05 Aug 2017  Watsonians v Arbroath United Myreside, Edinburgh csl4318
12 Aug 2017  Carlton v Forfarshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl4319
12 Aug 2017  Glenrothes v Watsonians Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes csl4322
12 Aug 2017  Grange v Arbroath United Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl4323
12 Aug 2017  Heriot's v Falkland Goldenacre, Edinburgh csl4324
12 Aug 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Aberdeenshire Inverleith, Edinburgh csl4327
19 Aug 2017  Arbroath United v Glenrothes Lochlands Park, Arbroath
19 Aug 2017  Falkland v Forfarshire Scroggie Park, Falkland
19 Aug 2017  Grange v Aberdeenshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
19 Aug 2017  Stewart's Melville Royal High v Heriot's Inverleith, Edinburgh
19 Aug 2017  Watsonians v Carlton Myreside, Edinburgh
26 Aug 2017  Carlton v Arbroath United Grange Loan, Edinburgh
26 Aug 2017  Forfarshire v Stewart's Melville Royal High Forthill, Dundee
26 Aug 2017  Glenrothes v Grange Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes
26 Aug 2017  Heriot's v Aberdeenshire Goldenacre, Edinburgh
26 Aug 2017  Watsonians v Falkland Myreside, Edinburgh

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