Leinster League Division One 2014

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26 Apr 2014  Clontarf v Terenure Castle Avenue, Dublin lein886
26 Apr 2014  The Hills v Railway Union The Vineyard, Dublin lein888
26 Apr 2014  YMCA v North County Claremont Road, Dublin lein889
27 Apr 2014  Merrion v Pembroke Claremont Road, Dublin lein891
05 May 2014  Merrion v Terenure Anglesea Road, Dublin lein901
05 May 2014  North County v Clontarf The Inch, Dublin lein903
05 May 2014  The Hills v Pembroke The Vineyard, Dublin lein906
05 May 2014  YMCA v Railway Union Claremont Road, Dublin lein907
17 May 2014  North County v Merrion The Inch, Dublin lein916
17 May 2014  Pembroke v YMCA Sydney Parade, Dublin lein917
17 May 2014  Railway Union v Clontarf Park Avenue, Dublin lein918
17 May 2014  Terenure v The Hills Terenure, Dublin lein920
24 May 2014  North County v Pembroke The Inch, Dublin lein923
02 Jun 2014  Clontarf v YMCA Castle Avenue, Dublin lein931
02 Jun 2014  Merrion v The Hills Anglesea Road, Dublin lein935
02 Jun 2014  Pembroke v Railway Union Sydney Parade, Dublin lein936
02 Jun 2014  Terenure v North County Terenure, Dublin lein938
06 Jun 2014  Merrion v Railway Union Anglesea Road, Dublin lein942
06 Jun 2014  YMCA v Terenure Claremont Road, Dublin lein944
07 Jun 2014  Clontarf v Pembroke Castle Avenue, Dublin lein945
07 Jun 2014  North County v The Hills The Inch, Dublin lein949
07 Jun 2014  Railway Union v Terenure Park Avenue, Dublin lein952
07 Jun 2014  YMCA v Merrion Claremont Road, Dublin lein953
12 Jun 2014  The Hills v Clontarf The Vineyard, Dublin lein954
14 Jun 2014  Merrion v Clontarf Anglesea Road, Dublin lein957
14 Jun 2014  Railway Union v North County Park Avenue, Dublin lein959
14 Jun 2014  Terenure v Pembroke Terenure, Dublin lein960
14 Jun 2014  The Hills v YMCA The Vineyard, Dublin lein961
22 Jun 2014  Merrion v Pembroke Anglesea Road, Dublin lein968
22 Jun 2014  North County v YMCA The Inch, Dublin lein969
22 Jun 2014  Railway Union v The Hills Park Avenue, Dublin lein970
22 Jun 2014  Terenure v Clontarf Terenure, Dublin lein973
28 Jun 2014  Clontarf v North County Castle Avenue, Dublin lein974
28 Jun 2014  Pembroke v The Hills Sydney Parade, Dublin lein977
28 Jun 2014  Railway Union v YMCA Park Avenue, Dublin lein978
28 Jun 2014  Terenure v Merrion Terenure, Dublin lein980
12 Jul 2014  Clontarf v Railway Union Castle Avenue, Dublin lein994
12 Jul 2014  Merrion v North County Anglesea Road, Dublin lein997
12 Jul 2014  The Hills v Terenure The Vineyard, Dublin lein1000
12 Jul 2014  YMCA v Pembroke Claremont Road, Dublin lein1001
04 Aug 2014  Clontarf v The Hills Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1030
04 Aug 2014  Pembroke v North County Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1034
04 Aug 2014  Railway Union v Merrion Park Avenue, Dublin lein1035
04 Aug 2014  Terenure v YMCA Terenure, Dublin lein1036
09 Aug 2014  North County v Terenure The Inch, Dublin lein1042
09 Aug 2014  Railway Union v Pembroke Park Avenue, Dublin lein1045
09 Aug 2014  The Hills v Merrion The Vineyard, Dublin lein1045a
09 Aug 2014  YMCA v Clontarf Claremont Road, Dublin lein1046
17 Aug 2014  Merrion v YMCA Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1057
17 Aug 2014  Terenure v Railway Union Terenure, Dublin lein1060
24 Aug 2014  The Hills v North County The Vineyard, Dublin lein1073
30 Aug 2014  Clontarf v Merrion Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1078
30 Aug 2014  North County v Railway Union The Inch, Dublin lein1080
30 Aug 2014  Pembroke v Terenure Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1081
02 Sep 2014  YMCA v The Hills Claremont Road, Dublin lein1090
04 Sep 2014  Pembroke v Clontarf Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1092





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