Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League Fourth Division 2012

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

05 May 2012  Betteshanger v Gravesend RF Welfare Ground, Deal kcl8817c
05 May 2012  Bexleyheath v Nonington Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl8818a
05 May 2012  Cowdrey v Minster Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl8818j
05 May 2012  Macknade v Sidcup Selling Road, Faversham kcl8819f
05 May 2012  Rodmersham v Rainham Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl8819j
12 May 2012  Gravesend RF v Bexleyheath Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl8827
12 May 2012  Minster v Macknade Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl8831
12 May 2012  Nonington v Cowdrey Fredville Park, Nonington kcl8832
12 May 2012  Rainham v Betteshanger Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl8837
12 May 2012  Sidcup v Rodmersham Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl8840
19 May 2012  Bexleyheath v Minster Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl8849
19 May 2012  Cowdrey v Sidcup Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl8856
19 May 2012  Macknade v Rainham Selling Road, Faversham kcl8866
19 May 2012  Nonington v Gravesend RF Fredville Park, Nonington kcl8867
19 May 2012  Rodmersham v Betteshanger Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl8869a
26 May 2012  Betteshanger v Macknade Welfare Ground, Deal kcl8875
26 May 2012  Gravesend RF v Rodmersham Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl8885
26 May 2012  Minster v Nonington Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl8890
26 May 2012  Rainham v Cowdrey Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl8896
26 May 2012  Sidcup v Bexleyheath Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl8899
02 Jun 2012  Bexleyheath v Betteshanger Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl8908
02 Jun 2012  Cowdrey v Rodmersham Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl8914
02 Jun 2012  Macknade v Gravesend RF Selling Road, Faversham kcl8923
02 Jun 2012  Minster v Sidcup Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl8924
02 Jun 2012  Nonington v Rainham Fredville Park, Nonington kcl8925
09 Jun 2012  Betteshanger v Cowdrey Welfare Ground, Deal kcl8934
09 Jun 2012  Gravesend RF v Minster Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl8943
09 Jun 2012  Rainham v Bexleyheath Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl8954
09 Jun 2012  Rodmersham v Macknade Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl8955
09 Jun 2012  Sidcup v Nonington Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl8957
16 Jun 2012  Betteshanger v Sidcup Welfare Ground, Deal kcl8962
16 Jun 2012  Cowdrey v Bexleyheath Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl8974
16 Jun 2012  Macknade v Nonington Selling Road, Faversham kcl8983
16 Jun 2012  Rainham v Gravesend RF Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl8987
16 Jun 2012  Rodmersham v Minster Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl8988
23 Jun 2012  Bexleyheath v Rodmersham Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl8994
23 Jun 2012  Cowdrey v Macknade Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9000
23 Jun 2012  Minster v Rainham Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl9006
23 Jun 2012  Nonington v Betteshanger Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9007
23 Jun 2012  Sidcup v Gravesend RF Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl9013
30 Jun 2012  Betteshanger v Minster Welfare Ground, Deal kcl9021
30 Jun 2012  Gravesend RF v Cowdrey Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl9035
30 Jun 2012  Macknade v Bexleyheath Selling Road, Faversham kcl9041
30 Jun 2012  Rainham v Sidcup Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl9046
30 Jun 2012  Rodmersham v Nonington Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl9047
07 Jul 2012  Gravesend RF v Betteshanger Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl9057a
07 Jul 2012  Minster v Cowdrey Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl9063
07 Jul 2012  Nonington v Bexleyheath Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9064
07 Jul 2012  Rainham v Rodmersham Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl9069
07 Jul 2012  Sidcup v Macknade Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl9072
14 Jul 2012  Betteshanger v Rainham Welfare Ground, Deal kcl9078d
14 Jul 2012  Bexleyheath v Gravesend RF Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl9078f
14 Jul 2012  Cowdrey v Nonington Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9078o
14 Jul 2012  Macknade v Minster Selling Road, Faversham kcl9078x
14 Jul 2012  Rodmersham v Sidcup Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl9078ab
21 Jul 2012  Betteshanger v Rodmersham Welfare Ground, Deal kcl9080
21 Jul 2012  Gravesend RF v Nonington Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl9090
21 Jul 2012  Minster v Bexleyheath Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl9094a
21 Jul 2012  Rainham v Macknade Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl9099
21 Jul 2012  Sidcup v Cowdrey Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl9102
28 Jul 2012  Bexleyheath v Sidcup Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl9111
28 Jul 2012  Cowdrey v Rainham Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9118
28 Jul 2012  Macknade v Betteshanger Selling Road, Faversham kcl9128
28 Jul 2012  Nonington v Minster Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9129
28 Jul 2012  Rodmersham v Gravesend RF Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl9132
04 Aug 2012  Betteshanger v Bexleyheath Welfare Ground, Deal kcl9138
04 Aug 2012  Gravesend RF v Macknade Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl9148
04 Aug 2012  Rainham v Nonington Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl9159
04 Aug 2012  Rodmersham v Cowdrey Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl9160
04 Aug 2012  Sidcup v Minster Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl9162
11 Aug 2012  Bexleyheath v Rainham Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl9171
11 Aug 2012  Cowdrey v Betteshanger Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9177
11 Aug 2012  Macknade v Rodmersham Selling Road, Faversham kcl9186
11 Aug 2012  Minster v Gravesend RF Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl9187
11 Aug 2012  Nonington v Sidcup Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9188
18 Aug 2012  Bexleyheath v Cowdrey Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl9200
18 Aug 2012  Gravesend RF v Rainham Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl9205
18 Aug 2012  Minster v Rodmersham Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl9211
18 Aug 2012  Nonington v Macknade Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9212
18 Aug 2012  Sidcup v Betteshanger Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl9219
25 Aug 2012  Betteshanger v Nonington Welfare Ground, Deal kcl9227a
25 Aug 2012  Gravesend RF v Sidcup Rectory Field, Gravesend kcl9239a
25 Aug 2012  Macknade v Cowdrey Selling Road, Faversham kcl9244
25 Aug 2012  Rainham v Minster Berengrave Park, Rainham kcl9249
25 Aug 2012  Rodmersham v Bexleyheath Bottles Lane, Rodmersham Green kcl9250
01 Sep 2012  Bexleyheath v Macknade Bexleyheath Sports Club Ground, Bexleyheath kcl9257
01 Sep 2012  Cowdrey v Gravesend RF Swanmead Sports Ground, Tonbridge kcl9263
01 Sep 2012  Minster v Betteshanger Gilbert Hall, Minster kcl9269
01 Sep 2012  Nonington v Rodmersham Fredville Park, Nonington kcl9270
01 Sep 2012  Sidcup v Rainham Crescent Farm, Sidcup kcl9276





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