Home Counties Premier League Division Two East 2012

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12 May 2012  Hoddesdon v Letchworth Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211035
12 May 2012  North Mymms v Hertford Home Farm, North Mymms misc211036
12 May 2012  Radlett v Sawbridgeworth Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211037a
12 May 2012  Stevenage v Hemel Hempstead Town Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211038
12 May 2012  West Herts v Langleybury Park Avenue, Watford misc211039
19 May 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Radlett Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211043
19 May 2012  Hertford v Hoddesdon Balls Park, Hertford misc211044
19 May 2012  Langleybury v North Mymms Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211042
19 May 2012  Letchworth v Stevenage Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211041
19 May 2012  Sawbridgeworth v West Herts Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211040
26 May 2012  Hoddesdon v Langleybury Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211045
26 May 2012  Letchworth v Hertford Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211046
26 May 2012  North Mymms v Sawbridgeworth Home Farm, North Mymms misc211047
26 May 2012  Radlett v Stevenage Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211048
26 May 2012  West Herts v Hemel Hempstead Town Park Avenue, Watford misc211049
02 Jun 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v North Mymms Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211053
02 Jun 2012  Langleybury v Hertford Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211054
02 Jun 2012  Radlett v Letchworth Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211051
02 Jun 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Hoddesdon Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211052
02 Jun 2012  Stevenage v West Herts Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211050
09 Jun 2012  Hertford v Sawbridgeworth Balls Park, Hertford misc211055
09 Jun 2012  Hoddesdon v Hemel Hempstead Town Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211056
09 Jun 2012  Letchworth v Langleybury Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211058
09 Jun 2012  North Mymms v Stevenage Home Farm, North Mymms misc211057
09 Jun 2012  West Herts v Radlett Park Avenue, Watford misc211059
16 Jun 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Hertford Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211064a
16 Jun 2012  Radlett v North Mymms Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211063
16 Jun 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Langleybury Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211062
16 Jun 2012  Stevenage v Hoddesdon Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211061
16 Jun 2012  West Herts v Letchworth Park Avenue, Watford misc211060
23 Jun 2012  Hertford v Stevenage Balls Park, Hertford misc211065
23 Jun 2012  Hoddesdon v Radlett Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211067
23 Jun 2012  Langleybury v Hemel Hempstead Town Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211066
23 Jun 2012  Letchworth v Sawbridgeworth Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211069
23 Jun 2012  North Mymms v West Herts Home Farm, North Mymms misc211068
30 Jun 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Sawbridgeworth Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211072
30 Jun 2012  North Mymms v Letchworth Home Farm, North Mymms misc211070
30 Jun 2012  Radlett v Hertford Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211071
30 Jun 2012  Stevenage v Langleybury Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211073
30 Jun 2012  West Herts v Hoddesdon Park Avenue, Watford misc211074
07 Jul 2012  Hertford v West Herts Balls Park, Hertford misc211076a
07 Jul 2012  Hoddesdon v North Mymms Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211077a
07 Jul 2012  Langleybury v Radlett Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211078a
07 Jul 2012  Letchworth v Hemel Hempstead Town Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211079a
07 Jul 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Stevenage Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211075a
14 Jul 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Stevenage Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211083a
14 Jul 2012  Hertford v North Mymms Balls Park, Hertford misc211084a
14 Jul 2012  Langleybury v West Herts Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211082a
14 Jul 2012  Letchworth v Hoddesdon Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211080a
14 Jul 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Radlett Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211081a
21 Jul 2012  Hoddesdon v Hertford Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211085
21 Jul 2012  North Mymms v Langleybury Home Farm, North Mymms misc211086
21 Jul 2012  Radlett v Hemel Hempstead Town Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211087
21 Jul 2012  Stevenage v Letchworth Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211088
21 Jul 2012  West Herts v Sawbridgeworth Park Avenue, Watford misc211089
28 Jul 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v West Herts Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211093
28 Jul 2012  Hertford v Letchworth Balls Park, Hertford misc211092
28 Jul 2012  Langleybury v Hoddesdon Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211094
28 Jul 2012  Sawbridgeworth v North Mymms Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211091
28 Jul 2012  Stevenage v Radlett Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211090
04 Aug 2012  Hertford v Langleybury Balls Park, Hertford misc211096
04 Aug 2012  Hoddesdon v Sawbridgeworth Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211095
04 Aug 2012  Letchworth v Radlett Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211098
04 Aug 2012  North Mymms v Hemel Hempstead Town Home Farm, North Mymms misc211097
04 Aug 2012  West Herts v Stevenage Park Avenue, Watford misc211099a
11 Aug 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Hoddesdon Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211103
11 Aug 2012  Langleybury v Letchworth Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211104
11 Aug 2012  Radlett v West Herts Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211102
11 Aug 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Hertford Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211101
11 Aug 2012  Stevenage v North Mymms Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211100
18 Aug 2012  Hertford v Hemel Hempstead Town Balls Park, Hertford misc211107
18 Aug 2012  Hoddesdon v Stevenage Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211106
18 Aug 2012  Langleybury v Sawbridgeworth Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211105
18 Aug 2012  Letchworth v West Herts Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211109
18 Aug 2012  North Mymms v Radlett Home Farm, North Mymms misc211108
25 Aug 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Langleybury Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211112
25 Aug 2012  Radlett v Hoddesdon Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211110
25 Aug 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Letchworth Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211111
25 Aug 2012  Stevenage v Hertford Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211113
25 Aug 2012  West Herts v North Mymms Park Avenue, Watford misc211114
01 Sep 2012  Hertford v Radlett Balls Park, Hertford misc211115
01 Sep 2012  Hoddesdon v West Herts Lowfield, Hoddesdon misc211116
01 Sep 2012  Langleybury v Stevenage Hunton Bridge, Langleybury misc211117
01 Sep 2012  Letchworth v North Mymms Whitehorn Lane, Letchworth misc211119
01 Sep 2012  Sawbridgeworth v Hemel Hempstead Town Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth misc211118
08 Sep 2012  Hemel Hempstead Town v Letchworth Heath Park, Hemel Hempstead misc211122
08 Sep 2012  North Mymms v Hoddesdon Home Farm, North Mymms misc211120
08 Sep 2012  Radlett v Langleybury Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett misc211121
08 Sep 2012  Stevenage v Sawbridgeworth Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage misc211123
08 Sep 2012  West Herts v Hertford Park Avenue, Watford misc211124





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