Surrey Championship Premier Division 2007

 Points Table
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12 May 2007  Avorians v Dulwich Convent Lane, Cobham surrp707
12 May 2007  Guildford v Sunbury Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp708
12 May 2007  Reigate Priory v Farnham Park Lane, Reigate surrp709
12 May 2007  Weybridge v Sutton The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp710
12 May 2007  Wimbledon v Normandy Church Road, Wimbledon surrp711
19 May 2007  Dulwich v Reigate Priory Turney Road, Dulwich surrp712
19 May 2007  Farnham v Weybridge Folly Hill, Farnham surrp713
19 May 2007  Normandy v Guildford Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp714
19 May 2007  Sunbury v Avorians Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp715
19 May 2007  Sutton v Wimbledon Cheam Road, Sutton surrp716
26 May 2007  Avorians v Farnham Convent Lane, Cobham surrp717
26 May 2007  Dulwich v Guildford Turney Road, Dulwich surrp718
26 May 2007  Reigate Priory v Wimbledon Park Lane, Reigate surrp719
26 May 2007  Sutton v Sunbury Cheam Road, Sutton surrp720
26 May 2007  Weybridge v Normandy The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp721
02 Jun 2007  Farnham v Sutton Folly Hill, Farnham surrp722
02 Jun 2007  Guildford v Avorians Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp723
02 Jun 2007  Normandy v Dulwich Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp724
02 Jun 2007  Sunbury v Reigate Priory Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp725
02 Jun 2007  Wimbledon v Weybridge Church Road, Wimbledon surrp726
09 Jun 2007  Farnham v Sunbury Folly Hill, Farnham surrp727
09 Jun 2007  Normandy v Reigate Priory Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp728
09 Jun 2007  Sutton v Avorians Cheam Road, Sutton surrp729
09 Jun 2007  Weybridge v Guildford The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp730
09 Jun 2007  Wimbledon v Dulwich Church Road, Wimbledon surrp731
16 Jun 2007  Avorians v Weybridge Convent Lane, Cobham surrp732
16 Jun 2007  Guildford v Reigate Priory Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp733
16 Jun 2007  Normandy v Sutton Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp734
16 Jun 2007  Sunbury v Dulwich Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp735
16 Jun 2007  Wimbledon v Farnham Church Road, Wimbledon surrp736
23 Jun 2007  Avorians v Normandy Convent Lane, Cobham surrp737
23 Jun 2007  Dulwich v Weybridge Turney Road, Dulwich surrp738
23 Jun 2007  Guildford v Farnham Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp739
23 Jun 2007  Reigate Priory v Sutton Park Lane, Reigate surrp740
23 Jun 2007  Sunbury v Wimbledon Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp741
30 Jun 2007  Avorians v Wimbledon Convent Lane, Cobham surrp741a
30 Jun 2007  Dulwich v Farnham Turney Road, Dulwich surrp741b
30 Jun 2007  Guildford v Sutton Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp742
30 Jun 2007  Normandy v Sunbury Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp742a
30 Jun 2007  Weybridge v Reigate Priory The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp742b
07 Jul 2007  Farnham v Normandy Folly Hill, Farnham surrp743
07 Jul 2007  Reigate Priory v Avorians Park Lane, Reigate surrp744
07 Jul 2007  Sunbury v Weybridge Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp745
07 Jul 2007  Sutton v Dulwich Cheam Road, Sutton surrp746
07 Jul 2007  Wimbledon v Guildford King's College School Ground, Wimbledon surrp747
14 Jul 2007  Avorians v Sunbury Convent Lane, Cobham surrp748
14 Jul 2007  Guildford v Normandy Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp749
14 Jul 2007  Reigate Priory v Dulwich Park Lane, Reigate surrp750
14 Jul 2007  Weybridge v Farnham The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp751
14 Jul 2007  Wimbledon v Sutton Church Road, Wimbledon surrp752
21 Jul 2007  Dulwich v Avorians Turney Road, Dulwich surrp753
21 Jul 2007  Farnham v Reigate Priory Folly Hill, Farnham surrp754
21 Jul 2007  Normandy v Wimbledon Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp755
21 Jul 2007  Sunbury v Guildford Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp756
21 Jul 2007  Sutton v Weybridge Cheam Road, Sutton surrp757
28 Jul 2007  Avorians v Guildford Convent Lane, Cobham surrp758
28 Jul 2007  Dulwich v Normandy Turney Road, Dulwich surrp759
28 Jul 2007  Reigate Priory v Sunbury Park Lane, Reigate surrp760
28 Jul 2007  Sutton v Farnham Cheam Road, Sutton surrp761
28 Jul 2007  Weybridge v Wimbledon The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp762
04 Aug 2007  Farnham v Avorians Folly Hill, Farnham surrp763
04 Aug 2007  Guildford v Dulwich Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp764
04 Aug 2007  Normandy v Weybridge Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp765
04 Aug 2007  Sunbury v Sutton Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp766
04 Aug 2007  Wimbledon v Reigate Priory Church Road, Wimbledon surrp767
11 Aug 2007  Avorians v Sutton Convent Lane, Cobham surrp768
11 Aug 2007  Dulwich v Wimbledon Turney Road, Dulwich surrp769
11 Aug 2007  Guildford v Weybridge Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp770
11 Aug 2007  Reigate Priory v Normandy Park Lane, Reigate surrp771
11 Aug 2007  Sunbury v Farnham Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp772
18 Aug 2007  Farnham v Guildford Folly Hill, Farnham surrp773
18 Aug 2007  Normandy v Avorians Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp774
18 Aug 2007  Sutton v Reigate Priory Cheam Road, Sutton surrp775
18 Aug 2007  Weybridge v Dulwich The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp776
18 Aug 2007  Wimbledon v Sunbury Church Road, Wimbledon surrp777
25 Aug 2007  Avorians v Reigate Priory Convent Lane, Cobham surrp778
25 Aug 2007  Dulwich v Sutton Turney Road, Dulwich surrp779
25 Aug 2007  Guildford v Wimbledon Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp780
25 Aug 2007  Normandy v Farnham Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp781
25 Aug 2007  Weybridge v Sunbury The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp782
01 Sep 2007  Farnham v Dulwich Folly Hill, Farnham surrp783
01 Sep 2007  Reigate Priory v Weybridge Park Lane, Reigate surrp784
01 Sep 2007  Sunbury v Normandy Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp785
01 Sep 2007  Sutton v Guildford Cheam Road, Sutton surrp786
01 Sep 2007  Wimbledon v Avorians Church Road, Wimbledon surrp787
08 Sep 2007  Dulwich v Sunbury Turney Road, Dulwich surrp788
08 Sep 2007  Farnham v Wimbledon Folly Hill, Farnham surrp789
08 Sep 2007  Reigate Priory v Guildford Park Lane, Reigate surrp790
08 Sep 2007  Sutton v Normandy Cheam Road, Sutton surrp791
08 Sep 2007  Weybridge v Avorians The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp792





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