South Wales Cricket League Premier Division 2007

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07 Apr 2007  Panteg v Usk Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp589
28 Apr 2007  #Cardiff v Sudbrook Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp590
28 Apr 2007  Chepstow v St Fagans Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp591
28 Apr 2007  Newport v Croesyceiliog Spytty Park, Newport swalp592
28 Apr 2007  #Pentyrch v Miskin Manor Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp593
28 Apr 2007  #Sully Centurions v Tondu Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp594
05 May 2007  #Croesyceiliog v Cardiff The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp595
05 May 2007  Newport v Miskin Manor Spytty Park, Newport swalp596
05 May 2007  St Fagans v Panteg Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp597
05 May 2007  #Sudbrook v Sully Centurions Deepweir, Caldicot swalp598
05 May 2007  Tondu v Chepstow Bryn Road, Tondu swalp599
05 May 2007  #Usk v Pentyrch Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp600
07 May 2007  Cardiff v Newport Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp600a
07 May 2007  Chepstow v Sudbrook Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp601
07 May 2007  #Miskin Manor v Usk Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp602
07 May 2007  Panteg v Tondu Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp603
07 May 2007  Pentyrch v St Fagans Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp603a
07 May 2007  Sully Centurions v Croesyceiliog Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp603b
12 May 2007  Cardiff v Sully Centurions Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp603c
12 May 2007  Croesyceiliog v Chepstow The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp603d
12 May 2007  Newport v Usk Spytty Park, Newport swalp603e
12 May 2007  #St Fagans v Miskin Manor Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp604
12 May 2007  Sudbrook v Panteg Deepweir, Caldicot swalp604a
12 May 2007  Tondu v Pentyrch Bryn Road, Tondu swalp604b
19 May 2007  Chepstow v Cardiff Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp605
19 May 2007  #Miskin Manor v Tondu Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp606
19 May 2007  Panteg v Croesyceiliog Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp607
19 May 2007  #Pentyrch v Sudbrook Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp608
19 May 2007  Sully Centurions v Newport Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp609
19 May 2007  #Usk v St Fagans Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp610
26 May 2007  Cardiff v Panteg Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp611
26 May 2007  #Croesyceiliog v Pentyrch The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp612
26 May 2007  Newport v St Fagans Spytty Park, Newport swalp613
26 May 2007  #Sudbrook v Miskin Manor Deepweir, Caldicot swalp614
26 May 2007  Sully Centurions v Chepstow Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp615
26 May 2007  #Tondu v Usk Bryn Road, Tondu swalp616
02 Jun 2007  Chepstow v Newport Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp617
02 Jun 2007  #Miskin Manor v Croesyceiliog Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp618
02 Jun 2007  Panteg v Sully Centurions Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp619
02 Jun 2007  #Pentyrch v Cardiff Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp620
02 Jun 2007  #St Fagans v Tondu Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp621
02 Jun 2007  #Usk v Sudbrook Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp622
09 Jun 2007  #Cardiff v Miskin Manor Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp623
09 Jun 2007  Chepstow v Panteg Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp624
09 Jun 2007  #Croesyceiliog v Usk The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp625
09 Jun 2007  Newport v Tondu Spytty Park, Newport swalp626
09 Jun 2007  #Sudbrook v St Fagans Deepweir, Caldicot swalp627
09 Jun 2007  #Sully Centurions v Pentyrch Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp628
16 Jun 2007  #Miskin Manor v Sully Centurions Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp629
16 Jun 2007  Panteg v Newport Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp630
16 Jun 2007  Pentyrch v Chepstow Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp631
16 Jun 2007  #St Fagans v Croesyceiliog Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp632
16 Jun 2007  #Tondu v Sudbrook Bryn Road, Tondu swalp633
16 Jun 2007  #Usk v Cardiff Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp634
23 Jun 2007  #Cardiff v St Fagans Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp635
23 Jun 2007  Chepstow v Miskin Manor Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp635a
23 Jun 2007  Croesyceiliog v Tondu The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp635b
23 Jun 2007  Newport v Sudbrook Spytty Park, Newport swalp635c
23 Jun 2007  Panteg v Pentyrch Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp635d
23 Jun 2007  Sully Centurions v Usk Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp635e
30 Jun 2007  Miskin Manor v Panteg Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp635f
30 Jun 2007  Pentyrch v Newport Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp635g
30 Jun 2007  St Fagans v Sully Centurions Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp635h
30 Jun 2007  Sudbrook v Croesyceiliog Deepweir, Caldicot swalp635i
30 Jun 2007  Tondu v Cardiff Bryn Road, Tondu swalp635j
30 Jun 2007  Usk v Chepstow Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp635k
07 Jul 2007  Croesyceiliog v Newport The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp636
07 Jul 2007  #Miskin Manor v Pentyrch Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp637
07 Jul 2007  St Fagans v Chepstow Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp638
07 Jul 2007  #Sudbrook v Cardiff Deepweir, Caldicot swalp639
07 Jul 2007  #Tondu v Sully Centurions Bryn Road, Tondu swalp640
07 Jul 2007  Usk v Panteg Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp641
14 Jul 2007  #Cardiff v Croesyceiliog Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp642
14 Jul 2007  Chepstow v Tondu Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp643
14 Jul 2007  Miskin Manor v Newport Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp643a
14 Jul 2007  Panteg v St Fagans Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp643b
14 Jul 2007  #Pentyrch v Usk Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp644
14 Jul 2007  #Sully Centurions v Sudbrook Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp645
21 Jul 2007  Croesyceiliog v Sully Centurions The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp645a
21 Jul 2007  Newport v Cardiff Spytty Park, Newport swalp645b
21 Jul 2007  St Fagans v Pentyrch Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp645c
21 Jul 2007  Sudbrook v Chepstow Deepweir, Caldicot swalp645d
21 Jul 2007  Tondu v Panteg Bryn Road, Tondu swalp645e
21 Jul 2007  Usk v Miskin Manor Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp645f
28 Jul 2007  Chepstow v Croesyceiliog Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp646
28 Jul 2007  Miskin Manor v St Fagans Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp646a
28 Jul 2007  Panteg v Sudbrook Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp646b
28 Jul 2007  #Pentyrch v Tondu Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp647
28 Jul 2007  Sully Centurions v Cardiff Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp647a
28 Jul 2007  Usk v Newport Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp648
04 Aug 2007  Cardiff v Chepstow Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp649
04 Aug 2007  Croesyceiliog v Panteg The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp650
04 Aug 2007  Newport v Sully Centurions Spytty Park, Newport swalp651
04 Aug 2007  #St Fagans v Usk Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp652
04 Aug 2007  #Sudbrook v Pentyrch Deepweir, Caldicot swalp653
04 Aug 2007  Tondu v Miskin Manor Bryn Road, Tondu swalp653a
11 Aug 2007  Chepstow v Sully Centurions Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp654
11 Aug 2007  #Miskin Manor v Sudbrook Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp655
11 Aug 2007  Panteg v Cardiff Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp656
11 Aug 2007  #Pentyrch v Croesyceiliog Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp657
11 Aug 2007  St Fagans v Newport Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp658
11 Aug 2007  #Usk v Tondu Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp659
18 Aug 2007  Cardiff v Pentyrch Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp659a
18 Aug 2007  Croesyceiliog v Miskin Manor The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp659b
18 Aug 2007  Newport v Chepstow Spytty Park, Newport swalp659c
18 Aug 2007  Sudbrook v Usk Deepweir, Caldicot swalp659d
18 Aug 2007  Sully Centurions v Panteg Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp659e
18 Aug 2007  Tondu v St Fagans Bryn Road, Tondu swalp659f
25 Aug 2007  #Miskin Manor v Cardiff Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp660
25 Aug 2007  Panteg v Chepstow Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp661
25 Aug 2007  #Pentyrch v Sully Centurions Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp662
25 Aug 2007  #St Fagans v Sudbrook Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp663
25 Aug 2007  Tondu v Newport Bryn Road, Tondu swalp664
25 Aug 2007  #Usk v Croesyceiliog Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp665
27 Aug 2007  #Cardiff v Usk Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp666
27 Aug 2007  Chepstow v Pentyrch Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp667
27 Aug 2007  #Croesyceiliog v St Fagans The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp668
27 Aug 2007  Newport v Panteg Spytty Park, Newport swalp669
27 Aug 2007  #Sudbrook v Tondu Deepweir, Caldicot swalp670
27 Aug 2007  #Sully Centurions v Miskin Manor Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp671
01 Sep 2007  Miskin Manor v Chepstow Glyn Park, Miskin Manor swalp672
01 Sep 2007  Pentyrch v Panteg Parc-y-Dwrlyn, Pentyrch swalp673
01 Sep 2007  #St Fagans v Cardiff Croft-y-Genau Road, St Fagans swalp674
01 Sep 2007  Sudbrook v Newport Deepweir, Caldicot swalp675
01 Sep 2007  #Tondu v Croesyceiliog Bryn Road, Tondu swalp676
01 Sep 2007  #Usk v Sully Centurions Lower Mill Street, Usk swalp677
08 Sep 2007  #Cardiff v Tondu Diamond Ground, Cardiff swalp678
08 Sep 2007  Chepstow v Usk Bulwark Ground, Chepstow swalp679
08 Sep 2007  #Croesyceiliog v Sudbrook The Highway, Croesyceiliog swalp680
08 Sep 2007  Newport v Pentyrch Spytty Park, Newport swalp681
08 Sep 2007  Panteg v Miskin Manor Panteg House, Griffithstown swalp682
08 Sep 2007  #Sully Centurions v St Fagans Burnham Avenue, Sully swalp683

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