"Younis Will not Accept a Reduced Punishment from the PCB": Ahmed Qayyum
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Player:Younis Khan

DateLine: 3rd June 2010


Ahmed Qayyum, the legal counsel of former Pakistan captain Younis Khan is a man on a mission. The mission is a simple and very important one and that is to clear his client of all charges placed on Younis by the Pakistan Cricket Board.


Speaking to from Dubai, Qayyum stated that his client was in no mood for a compromise or deal with the Board.


"The hearing will be this Saturday, when a decision is expected to be made. Younis will not be there as he is busy playing for English County team Surrey, but I don't think that it is crucial for Younis to be present at the hearing this time round".


Qayyum accused the Pakistan Cricket Board of leaking the video tapes to the media, and stated that the Board needed to put their own house in order before accusing others of leaking the recordings.


"I am convinced that employees of the Board leaked the video tape to the press. It certainly was not myself or my client who presented the recordings of the hearing to anyone in the media. I strongly refute any allegations that it was Younis or myself who leaked the recordings".


In an attempt to clarify the allegations against his client, Qayyum stated "The allegations from former colleagues of Younis relate to matches that were played in Abu Dhabi. The enquiry was supposed to be just about the tour of Australia, yet somehow the issue of Abu Dhabi has been included in this enquiry, which was widened to include the claims against Younis. The enquiry report totals 180 pages in its entirety and I can confirm that any accusations against my client can only be found on one page of that report".


Qayyum, whilst not denying that he would recommend his client to accept a reduced punishment, stated that "Younis is in no mood to compromise his stance and Younis is not willing to accept a reduction in punishment from the PCB, as other players have done. Younis will not accept any fine at all, he is adamant that he is innocent as there is no evidence against him".


Qayyum when asked to clarify what charges have been brought against his client confirmed that some of Younis' former teammates "ganged up" against him to remove him as skipper, and this was instigated by a non player.


"Younis was the captain of a team that had only recently won a World Cup, yet there were players within that group that were not happy with him as captain. A group was formed and this group ganged up against Younis in an attempt to ensure he would no longer remain as captain. The grouping was formed by a non player and someone who was part of the Enquiry Committee".


Qayyum highlighted the testimony of Mohammad Yousuf to back up the issue of "grouping" against Younis Khan.


"If you look at Yousuf's testimony, when asked about the oath that players took against Younis at Inzamam's residence, he pointed at Yawar Saeed and said that Yawar was behind the oath taking".


Younis has been included in a preliminary squad of 35 for the Asia Cup and the tour of England, but his future in the Pakistan team hinges on the outcome of Saturday's hearing. It remains to be seen whether the PCB back down and remove all charges against Younis, or whether the player and his counsel have a change of heart and accept a reduced charge against him.


However there is always the chance that the stalemate continues and neither the PCB or Younis and his counsel refuse to back down, meaning that Younis' international exile continues.

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