"Younus Khan's Hearing has been delayed 8 times due to his Counsel" : Taffazul Rizvi
by PakPassion.Net

Player:Younis Khan

DateLine: 31st May 2010


Speaking to, the legal advisor to the Pakistan Cricket Board Taffazul Rizvi stated Younus Khan's appeal hearing has had to be posptoned eight times due to the former captain's legal counsel.


"For one reason or another the appeal hearing for Younus Khan has had to be postponed and put back eight times. Some of the reasons are beyond comprehension, for example Younus' legal counsel wanted to cross examine members of the PCB Enquiry Committee, then they wanted to cross examine PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt, on another occasion they wanted to bring in members of the media to the hearing. All of these requests have been thrown out by the judge and after each request is turned down, they have been coming back with a new request".


"This has been going on repeatedly and is the reason for the delays to Younus' hearing. The judge has in fact warned Younus Khan's counsel for his behaviour and his actions".


Rizvi also stated that Shoaib Malik's ban being overturned and his fine being halved today will have no bearing on the other player's appeals.


"Each hearing will be evaluated separately and the outcome of one appeal will have no bearing on any of the other appeals. Each appeal will be looked at on it's own merit".


Rizvi when asked about the decision today to reduce Shoaib Malik's punishment stated "the punishment still stands, Malik has been punished for a violation of discipline. The fact that his fine has been reduced and his ban removed does not mean that he has been cleared of the violation.


Rizvi also denied any behind the scenes agreement with regards to Shoaib Malik's appeal. "There have been discussions and arguments between the two legal teams but there has been no compromise on the outcome".


Rizvi hit out at what appears to be the orchestrated leak of footage of the Enquiry Committee, despite full instructions given to all witnesses and legal counsels to not pass on the video evidence.


"The PCB were the custodians of the video footage. They were then requested to provide a copy of the video footage to the legal counsels of some of the players which they did so. Shortly after the video footage was given to the player's legal counsel, certain segments of the footage started to appear in the media, segments that were favourable to some players".


Asked if the PCB had any intentions of releasing the video footage in it's entirety Rizvi stated "Two wrongs don't make a right".

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