The final poetry
by Jeff Green

Scorecard:Australia v England
Event:ICC World Twenty20 2010

DateLine: 16th May 2010


Though Sidebottom runs like a haystack on wheels
He bowls with a measure of guile
The Aussies depart in a welter of squeals
The army are starting to smile
And Bresnan is meaner than Scrooge at his worst
But Yardie's the bowler they think they can burst


Swann's busy spinning and time slips away
Though Hussey and White make amends
Broad drops a skier the second will stay
Delight and relief from his friends
Now there are two Husseys confusing us all
Can brothers start bashing the skin off the ball?


It's harum and scarum they're back in the chase
With sixes and fours all around
The fieldsmen are hopping all over the place
Wherever the gaps can be found
A twitchy last over but Broad holds his nerve
The score that they've got to looks hard to preserve


The English seem nervous and soon there's one down
But Pietersen's ready to go
With Kieswetter thumping the Diggers all frown
The scoring rate's certain to grow
When Pietersen skies it the hard work is done
And Collingwood enters to join in the fun


But now that they're winning their nerves are on edge
It's hard to believe they can lose
The best from down-under are driving a wedge
Through all of the best we can choose
Can Morgan and Collingwood steady the ship
And still keep the score moving on at a clip


The final five overs begin with a six
"What pressure?" the Irishman says
It seems he's unravelled the legspinner's tricks
A different game when he plays
It must be all over the captain's on song
For once it's the Aussies who got it all wrong!



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