Ganguly reveals all about toss delay
by CricketArchive Staff Reporter

Player:SR Waugh, SC Ganguly

DateLine: 30th July 2009


Former India captain Sourav Ganguly revealed the secret of making former Australian skipper Steve Waugh wait for the toss.


Speaking to the participants on his new TV reality show 'Dadagiri Unlimited', the left-hander said that the delay was not deliberate.


"There is a tradition that both team captains have to sport the team blazer while going for the toss. On that particular day, I did not get my blazer and it took time to get hold of it... That was the reason for the delay," Ganguly told a participant.


India beat Australia in that epic 2001 series after Steve Waugh had called India his Final Frontier.


The two former skippers had a strained relationship during the historic series with Ganguly's turning up late during India's home series being the lowest point.


In his autobiography, 'Out Of My Comfort Zone', Waugh has criticised Ganguly, dubbing him 'elitist' saying he was 'wound up' by the former Indian captain's 'continued petulance' in being late for the toss and then walking off.


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