Brief profile of Tony Ling
by Dr.A.K.Hignell

Player:AJP Ling

Tony Ling was a forceful left-handed batsman who played nine matches for Glamorgan in the mid 1930`s, as well as in five matches for Somerset in 1939.


Ling had captained the Stowe XI in 1928, before winning a place in Wiltshire`s side. His attractive strokeplay in Minor County and club cricket attracted the attention of Glamorgan`s selectors who were keen to give chances to young Welsh amateurs. The Skewen-born batsman duly made his Glamorgan debut in 1934 against Cambridge University, but in thirteen innings for Glamorgan he failed to register a half-century.


Ling continued to play for Glamorgan`s 2nd XI in their Minor County matches in 1936 and 1937, before business took him to the West Country.


(December 2003)

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