Brief history of Barracks Field Ground, Cardiff
by Dr.A.K.Hignell - Hon Statistician and Historian to Glamorgan CCC

Ground:Barracks Field Ground, Cardiff

Many people believe that Glamorgan have played county matches on two grounds in Cardiff - at the Arms Park and Sophia Gardens. However, in the immediate post-war period they also staged games at the Barracks ground at Maindy, two miles to the north of the city centre. The Barracks were opened in 1876 and the military authorities laid out a sports field to the west of the camp so that the camp`s personnel could partake in healthy recreation. The ground was first used by Glamorgan in August 1945 for a one day game between a Glamorgan Past XI and a Glamorgan Future XI. Both the Arms Park and St.Helen`s were unavailable, so when the military authorities offered the use of the Barracks Field for the game, the Glamorgan committee accepted their offer.


The wicket proved to be suitable for county players, so when Glamorgan were looking for a a suitable venue for their Service games in the late 1940`s, the two day friendly against the R.A.F. in August 1949 was allocated to the Maindy ground. During the 1950`s, the ground was used again for club and ground matches as well as the match with Gloucestershire 2nd XI in 1952.


During the 1950`s, Cardiff started to rapidly expand in a northerly direction, and with the end of National Service, the Barracks contracted. The land at Maindy became attractive for development and parts were sold off during the 1960`s and 1970`s for recreational and building purposes. Indeed, in 1966 the cricket field was sold and is now occupied by Companies House.


(Article: Copyright © 2003 Dr.A.K.Hignell)


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