England Players (G)


Groombridge (Essex, Hornchurch)
Groombridge (Free Foresters)
Groombridge (Essex and Hertfordshire)
Groombridge (Repton School)
Groombridge (Royal Corps of Transport)
Groombridge (Hythe)
J Groombridge (Boldon)
J Groombridge (Boldon)
J Groombridge (Southborough Christian Endeavour)
K Groombridge (Boldon)
KD Groombridge (Boldon)
MJ Groombridge (Boldon)
T Groombridge (Repton School)
Groome (Sutton Valence School)
Groome (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
A Groome (Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Groome (Gentlemen of Sussex)
C Groome (W Napper's XI)
C Groome (Veterans and Colts of Sussex)
C Groome (Steyning)
C Groome (Sompting)
C Groome (Henfield)
D Groome (umpire)
D Groome (Old Derbeians)
E Groome (Timperley)
FAD Groome (Holcot Arcadians, Oakham School)
GR Groome (Derby School)
H Groome (Northampton Saints, Wellingborough Town)
H Groome (Wellingborough School)
H Groome (Allsorts)
HW Groome (Oakham)
J Groome (Rushden Town Second XI)
J Groome (Bognor Regis)
JJ Groome (Sussex)
N Groome (scorer)
P Groome (Radcliffe-on-Trent)
T Groome (Jockeys)
T Groome (Abingdon Vale)
T Groome (Higham Ferrers Town)
UO Groome (Somerset Under-17s Women)
W Groome (Wellingborough School)
W Groome (Rushden Town)
WRE Groome (Sawston)
RE Groomes (Timperley)
G Grooming (Clapton)
O Groom-Johnson (Stowe Templars)
C Grooms (Gentlemen of West Sussex)
J Groot (Caldy)
J Grootenhoos (Eton Ramblers)
J Grootenhuis (Eton Ramblers)
L Grooves (scorer)
S Grooves (Gloucestershire Under-15s)
E Groquini (Ratcliffe College)
Grosberg (Carmel College)
S Grosberg (Carmel College)
GR Grosch (Felsted School)
A Grose (umpire)
A Grose (umpire)
C Grose (Farley)
C Grose (Kirkstall)
CMW Grose (Blundell's School)
DCE Grose (Army)
EM Grose (Bootham School)
FM Grose (Staffordshire)
FS Grose (Brighton College)
G Grose (Bledlow Ridge)
J Grose (Sheriff Hutton Bridge)
J Grose (Bloxham School)
J Grose (Sussex Junior Festival XI)
JM Grose (Oundle School)
LE Grose (Brighton College)
M Grose (Cheadle)
M Grose (Brighton College)
N Grose (Addiscombe)
SJ Grose (Cornwall)
TA Grose (Staffordshire)
TA Grose (Lord Sackville's XI)
TA Grose (Clare College, Cambridge)
Groser (3rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
SB Groser (London Clergy)
J Grosert (Brandon, Esh Winning)
F Grosfils (scorer)
F Grosfils (Bowdon)
J Groskoph (umpire)
Gross (Mitchell's and Butler's)
Gross (Southampton Commercial Travellers)
Gross (Captain RA Young's XI)
Gross (Downside School)
Gross (Jordans)
AHB Gross (Aldenham School)
C Gross (King Edward VI Grammar School, Bury St Edmunds)
C Gross (Downside School, Downside Wanderers)
CJ Gross (Bury and West Suffolk)
EWC Gross (Eton College, Great and Little Tew, I Zingari, Marylebone Cricket Club)
F Gross (I Zingari)
FA Gross (Hampshire, Warwickshire)
FA Gross (Warwickshire Mystics)
GEF Gross (Charterhouse School)
GWC Gross (Cryptics, Eton College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
GWC Gross (Free Foresters)
H Gross (umpire)
H Gross (Weymouth)
HG Gross (Early Birds)
L Gross (Alsager)
L Gross (Giggleswick School)
M Gross (Wollaston Second XI)
M Gross (Horton House)
N Gross (Addiscombe)
N Gross (Olton)
N Gross (Springfield)
NC Gross (Olton)
P Gross (umpire)
P Gross (scorer)
P Gross (Woodborough)
RMW Gross (Suffolk)
T Gross (Downside School)
WG Gross (Northampton School for Boys)
J Grosse (Grantham)
S Grosse (Dulverton)
T Grosse (Pilsley)
TPT Grosse (King's School, Canterbury)
Grosser (3rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
T Grosser (Bickley Park)
D Grossett (Catford Wanderers, West Indies United)
D Grossett (The Mote Second XI)
D Grossett (Catford and Cyphers)
C Grossick (Manchester Grammar School)
A Grossley (The Forty Club)
AE Grossman (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
AR Grossman (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
HR Grossman (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
S Grossman (Carmel College)
Grossmith (Free Foresters)
Grossmith (Royal Corps of Signals Officers)
Grossmith (Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College)
Grossmith (Royal Engineers)
B Grossmith (umpire)
B Grossmith (Army Under-25s)
B Grossmith (Dorset Rangers)
B Grossmith (Royal Corps of Signals)
B Grossmith (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
L Grossmith (Offham Second XI)
M Grossmith (Offham Second XI)
M Grossmith (Dorset Rangers)
Grosstate (Littleover)
Grosvenor (Stourbridge)
Grosvenor (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Grosvenor (Moor Park)
Grosvenor (Waterlooville)
Grosvenor (Bullingdon)
Grosvenor (Hindlip and Fernhill Heath)
A Grosvenor (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
A Grosvenor (West Hertfordshire)
A Grosvenor (Winchester Garrison)
A Grosvenor (Aston Villa Football Club)
AB Grosvenor (Oxton)
AB Grosvenor (Wallasey)
AB Grosvenor (New Brighton)
AH Grosvenor (Hertfordshire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Grosvenor (Northern Counties Women)
B Grosvenor (Launceston)
C Grosvenor (Warborough and Shillingford)
C Grosvenor (Moor Park)
CP Grosvenor (Marlborough College)
D Grosvenor (Worcestershire Second XI)
D Grosvenor (Hindlip)
E Grosvenor (umpire)
HJ Grosvenor (Shrewsbury School)
HJ Grosvenor (Sefton)
HJ Grosvenor (Dingle)
HL Grosvenor (Knickerbockers, R Kynaston's XI)
HR Grosvenor (Radley College)
HR Grosvenor (Market Drayton)
J Grosvenor (Penn)
N Grosvenor (Chorleywood)
ND Grosvenor (Marylebone Cricket Club)
R Grosvenor (Clacton-on-Sea)
R Grosvenor (Farnham)
R Grosvenor (Rickmansworth)
R Grosvenor (West Hertfordshire)
R Grosvenor (Life Guards)
R Grosvenor (Moor Park)
R Grosvenor (Moor Park)
R Grosvenor (Wildernesse)
R Grosvenor (Tenbury Wells)
R Grosvenor (scorer)
R Grosvenor (Bidford-on-Avon)
R Grosvenor (JE Lambourn's XI)
RC Grosvenor (Chorleywood, Hertfordshire)
RE Grosvenor (Dorset)
RH Grosvenor (Radley College)
RW Grosvenor (Marylebone Cricket Club)
S Grosvenor (Tunbridge Wells Second XI, Tunbridge Wells Third XI)
S Grosvenor (Brunel University)
S Grosvenor (Wraysbury)
S Grosvenor (Cheadle)
T Grosvenor (Knowle)
W Grosvenor (Moor Park)
M Grosvenor-Groven (Waleswood Sports)
J Groszek (Trent College)
A Grote (Northumberland Club)
TM Grote (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Groton (Suffolk Under-17s)
R Grouch (Hightown)
A Groucott (Olton and West Warwickshire)
A Groucott (Avoncroft)
GWH Groucott (Hill's Plymouth (Merthyr))
R Groucott (Hill's Plymouth (Merthyr))
S Groucott (Shifnal)
E Groucutt (Hill's Plymouth (Merthyr))
HR Groucutt (Glamorgan Colts)
Ground (Kings Norton)
A Ground (Broomhills)
FW Ground (Lancing College)
T Ground (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
Grounds (Timperley Second XI)
AJ Grounds (Rainford)
D Grounds (Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
DJF Grounds (Cambridge University Crusaders, Moddershall A)
F Grounds (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
H Grounds (Timperley)
J Grounds (Hordle Village)
M Grounds (Old Colfeians)
M Grounds (CUACO)
G Groundsell (British Army of the Rhine)
RM Groundsell (umpire)
Groundwater (Peckham)
MF Groundwater (Marylebone Cricket Club)
MF Groundwater (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Grounsell (Weston)
J Grounsell (Aldershot Women)
EF Grouse (Leamington and District)
EF Grouse (Charterhouse School)
EF Grouse (Old Carthusians)
Grout (Bishop's Stortford)
Grout (Coventry and North Warwickshire Second XI)
Grout (Gentlemen of Staffordshire)
A Grout (Whitgift School)
A Grout (Bampton-in-the-Bush)
A Grout (Tring Park, Tring Park Chairman's XI)
A Grout (Tring Park Chairman's XI)
C Grout (Poole)
C Grout (Wolverhampton)
HF Grout (umpire)
H Grout (Chelmsford, Essex)
H Grout (Sonning Second XI)
I Grout (Chipperfield Clarendon)
IC Grout (English Schools Cricket Association)
J Grout (Cambridge University)
J Grout (Hertfordshire)
J Grout (Slough)
JR Grout (Buckinghamshire, Hampshire)
K Grout (Blyth)
K Grout (Blyth Second XI)
K Grout (The Forty Club)
K Grout (Weston)
M Grout (Mottisfont)
R Grout (Tring Park, Tring Park Second XI, Tring Park Third XI)
W Grout (Mottisfont)
W Grout (Dukesmead Women, Middlesex Women)
W Grout (Testlands Under-15s)
W Grout (umpire)
Groutage (Smethwick and Raglan)
Grove (Barnt Green)
Grove (Chertsey)
Grove (Cannock)
Grove (Old Edwardians)
Grove (Yardley)
Grove (Small Heath)
Grove (Harborne Second XI)
Grove (Erdington)
Grove (Morocco Bound Company)
Grove (Ward End)
Grove (Kidderminster)
Grove (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School)
Grove (St John's School, Leatherhead)
Grove (Royal Armoured Corps)
Grove (Pickwick)
A Grove (Club Cricket Conference)
A Grove (Langleybury)
A Grove (Hampton Wick Royal)
A Grove (scorer)
AJ Grove (Halesowen)
B Grove (Cuckfield)
B Grove (Mount Kelly)
B Grove (Yelverton Bohemians)
BP Grove (Army)
BWJ Grove (The Forty Club)
C Grove (2nd Battalion 15th Regiment)
C Grove (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
C Grove (umpire)
C Grove (Orsett)
CG Grove (Humber-Hillman)
CH Grove (Worcestershire Under-13s Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women)
CJ Grove (Suffolk)
CWC Grove (Warwickshire, Worcestershire)
D Grove (Australia Over-60s)
D Grove (Fulbourn Institute Sports and Social Club)
D Grove (Hinckley Amateur)
D Grove (Lurgashall)
D Grove (Shepshed Messengers)
E Grove (Wolverhampton Women)
E Grove (Kingston)
EJ Grove (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
EL Grove (Huntingdonshire)
EM Grove (Norfolk Women)
G Grove (Worcestershire Second XI)
G Grove (Staffordshire Casuals)
H Grove (umpire)
H Grove (Brislington)
H Grove (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School)
I Grove (Sibton Park Second XI)
J Grove (Surrey Colts)
J Grove (Montpelier)
J Grove (Kennington)
J Grove (Hitchin Women)
J Grove (Windsor Great Park)
J Grove (Hinckley Town Second XI)
John Grove (Irchester)
Jonny Grove (Irchester)
JO Grove (Essex, Leicestershire, Somerset)
JPK Grove (Nottingham High School)
K Grove (scorer)
LT Grove (Army)
M Grove (Leicestershire Public Schools)
M Grove (St Dunstan's College)
M Grove (Scunthorpe Police)
N Grove (Oldlands)
N Grove (Odiham and Greywell Women)
N Grove (Hinckley Town)
NJ Grove (Leicestershire Young Amateurs)
O Grove (Erdington)
O Grove (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School)
P Grove (Holmesdale)
P Grove (St Edward's School, Oxford)
P Grove (Wallington)
P Grove (Amblecote and Wollaston)
P Grove (Sutton Valence School)
P Grove (Erdington)
P Grove (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School)
PA Grove (Sutton Coldfield)
PL Grove (Worcestershire Under-13s Women)
R Grove (Brislington)
R Grove (Worcestershire)
R Grove (Sudbury)
R Grove (Halstead)
R Grove (Hampton Wick Royal)
R Grove (Kingston Grammar School)
R Grove (City of London Freemen's School)
R Grove (Broxbourne)
R Grove (Kidderminster)
R Grove (scorer)
R Grove (Yelverton Bohemians)
RA Grove (Exning, Old Parkonians, Sudbury)
S Grove (Barnt Green)
S Grove (Addington Village)
T Grove (Tring Park)
T Grove (Buckinghamshire Under-19s)
TA Grove (Cheltenham College Junior School)
TS Grove (Hurstpierpoint College, The Forty Club)
W Grove (umpire)
W Grove (Kersal Second XI)
W Grove (Worcester City)
W Grove (Worcestershire)
W Grove (Erdington)
W Grove (King Edward's School, Witley)
WC Grove (Yardley)
WG Grove (St George's Club and District)
WW Grove (GO Brook's XI)
R Grovenor (Rowner Second XI)
Grover (Surrey)
Grover (Bristol Police)
Grover (Moseley Ashfield)
Grover (Town Malling)
Grover (Romsey Social)
A Grover (Broxbourne)
AC Grover (Holding Battalion Coldstream Guards)
B Grover (Aldershot)
B Grover (Wavertree)
C Grover (Aldershot Fifth XI, Aldershot Third XI)
C Grover (Dorset Rangers)
C Grover (umpire)
C Grover (Aldershot)
D Grover (Warwick Second XI)
D Grover (Orpington)
D Grover (Iden)
EC Grover (Durham School Second XI)
F Grover (Ealing)
FA Grover (Worsley)
J Grover (Aldershot)
J Grover (umpire)
J Grover (Gerrards Cross Second XI)
J Grover (Reading School)
JN Grover (Oxford University)
JS Grover (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JS Grover (Frome)
M Grover (Aldershot)
M Grover (Stragglers of Asia)
N Grover (Mistley)
N Grover (Weybridge Vandals)
N Grover (West Chiltington and Thakeham)
P Grover (Hyde)
P Grover (Sussex Young Cricketers)
P Grover (scorer)
R Grover (Ipswich)
RJ Grover (scorer)
S Grover (Wokingham)
S Grover (Highams Park)
S Grover (Gerrards Cross Second XI)
T Grover (Hoddesdon)
T Grover (Chalfont St Peter Second XI)
T Grover (Southgate Adelaide)
W Grover (umpire)
W Grover (Ealing)
W Grover (Portsmouth Amateurs)
WJ Grover (Lichfield Theological College)
C Grovers (Westcliff-on-Sea)
Groves (Worcester City)
Groves (Wightwick and Finchfield)
Groves (Newark)
Groves (Kidderminster)
Groves (Small Heath)
Groves (Mote Park)
Groves (Aldridge Third XI)
Groves (Birmingham Press)
Groves (Brierley Hill)
Groves (Rubery Mental Hospital)
Groves (United Services Portsmouth)
Groves (The Royal Hospital School)
Groves (Maldon)
Groves (Olton)
Groves (Wolverhampton Pickwick)
Groves (The Mote)
Groves (Worcester Nomads)
Groves (Caterham Mental Hospital)
Groves (Yardley)
Groves (Colfe's School)
Groves (18th (Service) Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment)
Groves (Royal Corps of Signals)
Groves (Sidmouth)
Groves (Milton Abbey School)
Groves (Ilminster Grammar School)
Groves (Appleby Frodingham Under-17s)
Groves (Timperley)
Groves (Hertford Second XI)
Groves (Pocklington School)
Groves (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
Groves (Shrewsbury)
Groves (Stoner)
Groves (Warwickshire Gentlemen)
A Groves (Lancashire Second XI)
A Groves (Astley and Tyldesley Collieries)
A Groves (Farnworth)
A Groves (Derbyshire Youth Advisory Council)
A Groves (Ickenham Women)
A Groves (Orpington)
A Groves (Timperley)
A Groves (Astley and Tyldesley)
A Groves (Cookley)
A Groves (Burton Leonard Women)
A Groves (The Forty Club)
A Groves (Portsmouth Football Club)
A Groves (Colchester and East Essex)
A Groves (Bewdley)
A Groves (scorer)
A Groves (Portsmouth)
A Groves (West Buckland School)
AJ Groves (Pallingswick)
AMW Groves (Canford School)
AS Groves (The Leys School)
ATG Groves (Cryptics, Shrewsbury School, Shropshire)
AWE Groves (123rd Officer Cadet Training Regiment Royal Artillery)
B Groves (Staveley Welfare)
B Groves (Hull Kingston)
B Groves (umpire)
B Groves (Four Oaks Saints)
BT Groves (St Peter's School, York)
BT Groves (SM Toyne's XI)
BT Groves (St Peter's School, York Second XI)
BWJ Groves (The Forty Club)
C Groves (Old Elizabethans)
C Groves (Norfolk Under-15s Women)
C Groves (Hampton-in-Arden)
C Groves (Mitchell's and Butler's)
C Groves (Worcestershire Over-60s, Worcestershire Over-60s Second XI)
C Groves (umpire)
C Groves (Rushwick)
C Groves (Norfolk Under-17s Women)
C Groves (Matlock)
C Groves (Hymers College, Hull)
C Groves (Trojans)
C Groves (Sutton Coldfield)
C Groves (Rossington Main)
CE Groves (Derby School)
CK Groves (Hurstpierpoint College, Hurstpierpoint College Second XI)
D Groves (Aythorpe Roding)
D Groves (Grays and Chadwell)
D Groves (Ifield)
D Groves (Solihull Blossomfield Second XI)
D Groves (Astley and Tyldesley Third XI)
D Groves (Astley and Tyldesley)
D Groves (Stony Stratford Third XI)
D Groves (Thurrock)
D Groves (umpire)
D Groves (Hoveringham)
D Groves (Lambley Village)
D Groves (Reed's School)
DH Groves (scorer)
DJ Groves (Caldy)
EG Groves (Hurstpierpoint College Second XI)
F Groves (Kent Second XI)
F Groves (Town Malling)
FW Groves (Old Edwardians Association)
G Groves (Glamorgan Club and Ground)
G Groves (Weaverham)
G Groves (Nottinghamshire Colts)
G Groves (St Alkmunds)
G Groves (Stony Stratford Women)
G Groves (Flixton and Urmston)
G Groves (Bournville)
GH Groves (University College School)
GJ Groves (Nottinghamshire)
GT Groves (Longsight)
H Groves (Rushwick)
H Groves (JF Cooper's XI)
H Groves (Notts Amateurs)
H Groves (Felbridge and Sunnyside)
H Groves (Worcestershire Under-14s, Worcestershire Under-15s)
H Groves (Orpington)
H Groves (Worcester Nomads)
HB Groves (Nottingham High School)
HB Groves (Old Peterites)
HM Groves (Royal Air Force)
HM Groves (Adastrians)
HMB Groves (Nottingham High School Second XI)
I Groves (scorer)
I Groves (umpire)
I Groves (umpire)
I Groves (Ashford Over-40s)
I Groves (Guildford Women)
J Groves (Chislehurst and West Kent)
J Groves (Shrewsbury Blue)
J Groves (South Leicestershire Cricket League)
J Groves (Shropshire)
J Groves (Gloucestershire Under-14s, Gloucestershire Under-15s)
J Groves (Ifield)
J Groves (Storrington)
J Groves (Ebrington)
J Groves (Forest School)
J Groves (Essex Young Amateurs)
J Groves (Northamptonshire Women)
J Groves (C Douglas' XI)
J Groves (Lower Darwen Congregational B)
J Groves (Queens' College, Cambridge)
J Groves (Hinckley Town)
JP Groves (NC Tufnell's XI)
JPK Groves (Nottingham High School)
K Groves (Pershore)
L Groves (Colchester and East Essex)
L Groves (Aston Women, Meir Heath Women)
L Groves (Denmead Second XI)
L Groves (Westcliff-on-Sea)
L Groves (Copford)
L Groves (Bewdley)
L Groves (Cookley)
L Groves (Ifield)
L Groves (Old Wilsonians Second XI)
M Groves (Sussex)
M Groves (Old Elizabethans)
M Groves (Burton and District)
M Groves (umpire)
M Groves (Storrington)
M Groves (Bromyard)
M Groves (Rushwick)
M Groves (North Staffordshire)
M Groves (Allied Breweries)
M Groves (Old Elizabethans Third XI)
M Groves (Worcester Nomads)
M Groves (Colfe's School)
MGM Groves (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University, Somerset, Western Province)
MT Groves (Bancroft's School)
N Groves (umpire)
N Groves (Gosport Borough Third XI)
NI Groves (Bessborough)
O Groves (Sawbridgeworth)
P Groves (West Midlands Women)
P Groves (York)
P Groves (Pylewell Park)
P Groves (Yardley)
P Groves (Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
P Groves (Leigh-on-Sea)
P Groves (Gloucestershire Young Cricketers)
P Groves (Church Eaton)
P Groves (Hampton and Solihull Second XI)
P Groves (Gore Court)
P Groves (Hampton-in-Arden)
PM Groves (Cranbrook School)
PR Groves (Loughborough University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
R Groves (Gidea Park)
R Groves (Durham Coast Cricket League, W Angus' XI)
R Groves (Great Witchingham)
R Groves (scorer)
R Groves (The Forty Club)
R Groves (Weoley Hill)
R Groves (Mendip Acorns)
R Groves (GH Dowty's XI)
R Groves (Winsley)
R Groves (Chipping Campden Second XI)
R Groves (Lord's Taverners)
R Groves (Lord's Taverners)
RB Groves (Tonbridge School)
RCW Groves (Devon)
RWE Groves (Bradfield College)
RWE Groves (Incogniti)
S Groves (Doncaster Town)
S Groves (The Forty Club)
S Groves (Haxey)
S Groves (Carpe Vinum)
S Groves (Everton)
S Groves (Haxey Third XI)
S Groves (Colfe's School)
S Groves (Gloucestershire Second XI)
S Groves (Notts Amateurs)
S Groves (Princes Risborough)
S Groves (Long Eaton Third XI)
S Groves (scorer)
S Groves (Castle Donington Town)
SJ Groves (Great Witchingham, Norfolk)
SM Groves (Retford, Welbeck)
T Groves (Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Shropshire)
T Groves (Isle of Wight Under-17s)
T Groves (Great Witchingham)
T Groves (scorer)
T Groves (scorer)
T Groves (Ryde School)
T Groves (Tring Park Second XI)
T Groves (Stainsby Hall)
T Groves (Stainsby Hall Second XI)
T Groves (Ventnor Second XI)
T Groves (Ivinghoe and Pitstone)
T Groves (Hertfordshire Under-14s)
T Groves (Stainsby Hall)
TA Groves (Oxfordshire)
TE Groves (House of Commons North)
TJ Groves (Sutton Valence School, The Forty Club)
TMB Groves (umpire)
TRC Groves (Shropshire)
W Groves (umpire)
W Groves (umpire)
W Groves (Shrewsbury)
W Groves (Hornsey)
W Groves (Shrewsbury Blue)
W Groves (C Douglas' XI)
WG Groves (St George's Club of Bristol)
J Grove-White (Kingsclere)
R Grove-White (Dublin University, Phoenix)
T Grovey (Great Witchingham)
C Growcock (umpire)
Growcott (Horsham Women)
D Growcott (Worcestershire Under-15s)
D Growcott (Stourbridge)
K Growcott (Middlesex Women)
K Growcott (Middlesex Women Second XI)
RG Growcutt (Glamorgan Club and Ground)
E Growden (Sleaford)
M Growden (Taverners B)
T Growden (Glastonbury)
T Growden (Taverners B)
R Growdon (Butleigh)
T Growdon (Morlands)
M Grower (Old Brightonians)
K Growns (Kent Women)
J Grownsell (Hampshire Under-13s Women)
Growse (Epsom College)
EF Growse (Charterhouse School, Essex)
EF Growse (Marylebone Cricket Club)
EF Growse (Old Carthusians)
HE Growse (Charterhouse School)
J Growse (Hendon)
LJ Growse (Epsom College)
R Growse (Chelmsford, Essex)
R Groyer (London University)
BWJ Grozle (The Forty Club)
T Grraves (Yorkshire Under-15s Women)
S Grreson (Immingham Blossom Way)
J Grrundy (scorer)
Grubb (Preston)
Grubb (Royal Air Force)
Grubb (Leominster)
Grubb (United Services Portsmouth)
Grubb (Oxford City)
Grubb (South Lincolnshire)
Grubb (Hereford Cathedral School)
A Grubb (Preston)
A Grubb (Cambridgeshire Cricket Association)
AA Grubb (Epsom College)
AG Grubb (Royal Air Force Western Command)
AJW Grubb (Royal Artillery, United Services Portsmouth)
AV Grubb (Hertfordshire)
C Grubb (Gentlemen of Cheshire)
C Grubb (Free Foresters)
C Grubb (Cheshire Gentlemen)
E Grubb (Timsbury)
E Grubb (Bath Veterans)
ET Grubb (Coventry and North Warwickshire, Griff and Coton, Nuneaton, Warwickshire Second XI)
ET Grubb (Nuneaton)
EW Grubb (Wellington College)
GA Grubb (Nuneaton)
GK Grubb (Bootham School)
J Grubb (Effingham)
J Grubb (St Minver)
J Grubb (Dover Wanderers)
JB Grubb (Bootham School, Bootham School Second XI)
L Grubb (Effingham)
M Grubb (Suffolk All Stars)
M Grubb (Suffolk Over-50s, Suffolk Over-60s, Suffolk Over-60s Second XI)
M Grubb (scorer)
M Grubb (Redditch)
M Grubb (Feckenham)
N Grubb (Tenterden Second XI)
N Grubb (Leek)
P Grubb (Harwich and Dovercourt)
PJ Grubb (Marylebone Cricket Club, Northern)
R Grubb (Cheshire Gentlemen)
R Grubb (Studley Second XI)
R Grubb (Cheshire Gentlemen)
R Grubb (The Forty Club)
Grubbe (1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment)
Grubbe (Bedfordshire)
Grubbe (Eton Ramblers)
Grubbe (Shorncliffe Camp)
EA Grubbe (Aldershot Division)
GC Grubbe (Eton College)
JE Grubbe (Aldershot Division)
Grubbterts (Bootham School Second XI)
Gruch (Bath Women)
D Gruchy (Gosport Borough Sunday XI)
J Gruchy (Bowdon Women)
L Gruchy (London Playing Fields Association)
W Gruddas (Guest Keen and Nettlefolds Second XI)
Grudgings (Uppingham School)
O Grudgings (Syston Town)
S Grudgings (Clumber Park)
S Grudgings (Milton)
S Grudgings (Milton Second XI, Milton Third XI)
S Grudgings (Clumber Park Fourth XI, Clumber Park Second XI, Clumber Park Third XI)
S Grudgings (Alexandra Park)
S Grudgings (Clumber Park)
S Grudgings (Alexandra Park)
LPJ Grue (Hightown)
P Grue (Hightown Second XI)
R Gruenfeld (umpire)
G Gruer (The Forty Club)
L Gruerney (Radlett Women)
A Gruffan (Cambridge Granta Second XI)
M Grufferty (Castle Eden)
S Grufferty (Durham Women)
ST Grugel (Merchant Taylors' Boys' School, Crosby)
A Grugeon (Great Western Railway, Paddington)
HE Grugeon (Lloyds Bank)
HE Grugeon (Lloyds Bank (Town))
A Gruggen (Pocklington School)
F Gruggen (Pocklington)
F Gruggen (Pocklington School)
FJ Gruggen (Cambridge University)
FW Gruggen (Chichester Priory Park)
G Gruggen (Pocklington)
GS Gruggen (Cambridge University)
GW Gruggen (Bedfordshire)
F Gruijters (umpire)
H Grujons (Ticknall Under-19s)
V Gruleavon (The Forty Club North West)
M Grully (Wiltshire Under-17s)
Grumball (Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College)
A Grumbell (Stragglers of Asia)
Grumble (Devon Dumplings)
B Grumbly (umpire)
D Grumitt (Old Brightonians)
D Grumitt (Fives and Heronians)
F Grumitt (Portslade)
B Grumley (umpire)
W Grumley (umpire)
W Grumly (umpire)
Grummett (Melbourne Town)
R Grummett (Melbourne Town)
Grummitt (Grantham)
Grummitt (Peterborough)
AF Grummitt (Grantham)
D Grummitt (Stanton-by-Dale)
D Grummitt (Stanton-by-Dale Second XI)
I Grummitt (Stanton-by-Dale)
I Grummitt (Stanton-by-Dale Second XI)
J Grummitt (Irnham Park)
K Grummitt (Grantham)
P Grummitt (Fives and Heronians)
R Grummitt (Bexley Fourth XI, Bexley Second XI, Bexley Third XI)
R Grummitt (Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School)
T Grummitt (Wickham Park)
TH Grummitt (Grasshoppers)
W Grummitt (The Node)
RD Grun (Oakham School)
M Grunberg (Canford Cygnets)
J Grundall (Nuneaton Third XI)
Grundle (Pickwick)
HT Grundtvig (Gentlemen of West Middlesex)
HT Grundtvig (Incogniti)





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