Fielding in Charlotte Edwards Cup 2021 (Ordered by Stumpings)

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AJ Freeborn (Light)6055
KM Chathli (SES)7134
CE Rudd (Sou)7235
AD Carr (Sun)3022
BAM Heath (ND)5123
E Threlkeld (Thun)6224
NAJ Wraith (West)6426
SJ Bryce (Light)3112
CAE Hill (Cent)6213
SJ Taylor (ND)3314
GL Adams (Sou)73 3
EL Arlott (Cent)52 2
HJ Armitage (ND)84 4
HL Baker (Cent)31 1
G Ballinger (Light)41 1
LK Bell (Sou)62 2
ME Bouchier (Sou)44 4
TF Brookes (Cent)61 1
N Brown (Thun)31 1
S Butler (Cent)21 1
A Campbell (ND)32 2
AR Capsey (SES)62 2
PM Cleary (Thun)31 1
EV Corney (West)11 1
A Cranstone (SES)52 2
KL Cross (Thun)42 2
ND Dattani (Sun)63 3
AN Davidson-Richards (SES)66 6
GM Davies (Cent)61 1
CE Dean (Sou)46 6
L Dobson (ND)82 2
EM Edgcombe (West)31 1
GA Elwiss (Sou)71 1
RA Fackrell (Cent)52 2
HL Fenby (ND)11 1
PA Franklin (SES)61 1
JL Gardner (Sun)41 1
KL George (West)53 3
GJ Gibbs (SES)52 2
DR Gibson (West)65 5
GKS Gole (Sun)53 3
KL Gordon (Light)62 2
PC Graham (ND)43 3
TM Graves (Light)61 1
Y Graves (Light)31 1
DL Gregory (SES)71 1
CL Griffith (Sun)42 2
JL Gunn (ND)83 3
BC Harmer (Light)63 3
A Hartley (Thun)62 2
N Harvey (West)62 2
GM Hennessy (West)61 1
LE Jackson (Thun)62 2
E Jones (Cent)63 3
EWS Jones (SES)74 4
SL Kalis (ND)82 2
M Kelly (Cent)62 2
ML Kirk (Light)32 2
EL Lamb (Thun)43 3
SN Luff (West)61 1
AL MacDonald (ND)72 2
RL MacDonald-Gay (SES)11 1
L Marshall (Thun)61 1
AZ Monaghan (Sou)33 3
FMK Morris (West)63 3
SEN Munro (Light)61 1
TG Norris (Sou)72 2
SB Odedra (Light)61 1
LA Parfitt (West)61 1
AA Patel (Cent)21 1
S Patel (Sun)41 1
MEW Rogers (Sun)62 2
SE Rowe (SES)31 1
PJ Scholfield (Sou)73 3
RE Slater (ND)41 1
BF Smith (SES)72 2
LCN Smith (ND)86 6
KE Speed (Sun)63 3
CM Taylor (Sou)71 1
KE White (SES)31 1
L Winfield-Hill (ND)32 2
KJ Wolfe (Sun)11 1
IECM Wong (Cent)62 2

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