Bowling for Nottinghamshire in 1938 County Championship

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RJ Giles178124273-16.00 00
HJ Butler143550621366-7517.25 30
J Bradley2402211-2222.00 00
FG Woodhead41241631728697-2425.04 31
A Staples147152653264-3825.11 00
W Voce53701842393927-3926.01 61
GFH Heane27911131317496-7426.87 20
A Jepson210980953304-1531.76 00
GV Gunn2358601215355-7434.71 10
JS Hodgkins13256211-6262.00 00
CB Harris7991939952-2779.80 00
H Larwood6241633942-2384.75 00
D Watkin324126221-73131.00 00
J Hardstaff180180    
J Knowles301220    
FH Winrow260290    




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