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Kennington Oval, Kennington - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

16-220M MuralitharanSri Lanka v England1998f43845
15-57WP HowellAustralians v Surrey1899f5068
15-73J JacksonNottinghamshire v Surrey1860f1117
15-76S HargreaveWarwickshire v Surrey1903f6040
15-83T RichardsonSurrey v Warwickshire1898f5015
15-95T RichardsonSurrey v Essex1894f4052
15-98W ClarkeNorth v South1851f857
15-113T RichardsonSurrey v Leicestershire1896f4401
15-118OP RaynerMiddlesex v Surrey2013f54954
15-155T RichardsonSurrey v Hampshire1895f4364
14--2WR HillyerMarylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1846f709
14--2J DeanMarylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1853f924
14-29WC SmithSurrey v Northamptonshire1910f8057
14-74VE WalkerGentlemen of the South v Gentlemen of the North1858f1062
14-87JW SharpeSurrey v Gloucestershire1890f3483
14-90FR SpofforthAustralia v England1882f2570
14-91VE WalkerEngland v Surrey1859f1096
14-92J SouthertonSurrey v Middlesex1877f2070
14-96FR SpofforthAustralians v Players1884f2799
14-97JW SharpeSurrey v Middlesex1891f3612
14-97JA YoungMiddlesex v Surrey1948f18083
14-99J SouthertonSussex v Surrey1871f1667
14-103ED BarrattSurrey v Sussex1881f2426
14-123FS TruemanYorkshire v Surrey1960f23273
14-127WH LockwoodSurrey v Essex1900f5315
14-130J SouthertonSurrey v Lancashire1868f1493
14-132JR GunnNottinghamshire v Surrey1903f6193
14-149MA HoldingWest Indies v England1976f31213
14-154SMJ WoodsCambridge University v Surrey1891f3610
14-186TG WassNottinghamshire v Surrey1902f5942
13--2WR HillyerSurrey v England1849f809
13--2D DaySurrey v All England Eleven1850f834
13--2T NixonMarylebone Cricket Club v Surrey Club1852f899
13-46AV BedserSurrey v Nottinghamshire1952f19735
13-49DL UnderwoodKent v Surrey1978f32121
13-57SF BarnesEngland v South Africa1912f8673
13-58A ShawMarylebone Cricket Club v Surrey1870f1593
13-64WC SmithSurrey v Kent1911f8397
13-73ED BarrattSurrey v Oxford University1882f2505
13-78G BurtonMiddlesex v Surrey1888f3291
13-80WH LockwoodSurrey v Kent1898f4994
13-82AFJ FordMiddlesex v Surrey1880f2314
13-82GAR LockSurrey v Middlesex1955f21044
13-84WG GraceGentlemen of the South v Players of the South1865f1319
13-84H WoodCambridge University v Surrey1879f2219
13-93J BriggsLancashire v Surrey1894f4124
13-93WS LeesSurrey v Gloucestershire1907f7127
13-97GA LohmannSurrey v Sussex1887f3197
13-98GA LohmannSurrey v Lancashire1886f2995
13-98HJ TayfieldSouth Africans v Surrey1955f20993
13-101EG HayesSurrey v Gloucestershire1912f8493
13-103AR GoverSurrey v Warwickshire1937f15847
13-105ED BarrattSurrey v Somerset1883f2667
13-107C GladwinDerbyshire v Surrey1956f21248
13-108NA KnoxSurrey v Sussex1906f6887
13-109J SouthertonSurrey v Lancashire1869f1550
13-109WS LeesSurrey v Nottinghamshire1905f6727
13-111GA LohmannSurrey v Lancashire1887f3180
13-111JW HitchSurrey v Kent1908f7554
13-112FH TysonNorthamptonshire v Surrey1957f21745
13-113TPB SmithEssex v Surrey1950f18678
13-118E BlamiresSurrey v Kent1879f2253
13-128W MortlockSurrey v Kent1863f1238
13-128RHB BettingtonOxford University v Surrey1920f9644
13-128GG ArnoldSurrey v Gloucestershire1967f26913
13-131T RichardsonSurrey v Somerset1896f4439
13-135T RichardsonSurrey v Worcestershire1903f6096
13-136ED BarrattSurrey v Cambridge University1884f2764
13-148J JacksonEngland v Surrey and Sussex1857f1035
13-153JH SinclairSouth Africans v Surrey1901f5627
13-161ED BarrattSurrey v Lancashire1880f2342
13-163EJ TylerSomerset v Surrey1897f4691
13-163JW HitchSurrey v Kent1913f8954
13-164EP RobinsonYorkshire v Surrey1946f17257
13-172H TrumbleAustralians v Surrey1899f5182
12--2D DaySurrey v Kent1846f715
12--2T ShermanSurrey v Sussex1850f826
12-29GA LohmannSurrey v Hampshire1885f2858
12-34J GrundyNorth v South1852f891
12-34GAR LockSurrey v Glamorgan1957f21702
12-35AV BedserSurrey v Warwickshire1953f19973
12-48J BeaumontSurrey v Middlesex1885f2866
12-54PJ LoaderSurrey v Warwickshire1958f22186
12-56J SouthertonSurrey v Kent1870f1604
12-57A HillYorkshire v Surrey1871f1665
12-58AS KennedyPlayers v Gentlemen1927f12029
12-59T RichardsonSurrey v Cambridge University1894f4037
12-61WC SmithSurrey v Essex1912f8715
12-62WC SmithSurrey v Hampshire1908f7361
12-66GA LohmannSurrey v Gloucestershire1888f3234
12-67C BlytheKent v Surrey1903f6221
12-68W CaffynSurrey Club v Marylebone Cricket Club1859f1081
12-69EA BriceGloucestershire v Surrey1872f1684
12-69GA LohmannSurrey v Middlesex1890f3511
12-70W ClarkeNottinghamshire v Surrey1852f888
12-73A MarshalSurrey v Derbyshire1908f7365
12-75FR SpofforthAustralians v Players1878f2181
12-77FR SpofforthAustralians v South1884f2835
12-77AD PougherEngland v Surrey1895f4223
12-77WW ArmstrongAustralians v Surrey1921f9841
12-78J SouthertonSurrey v Kent1873f1782
12-78GA LohmannSurrey v Sussex1888f3312
12-78W MeadEssex v Surrey1903f6057
12-78Intikhab AlamSurrey v Yorkshire1972f29258
12-79BJT BosanquetPF Warner's XI v Gentlemen of Philadelphia1903f6178
12-80H LarwoodNottinghamshire v Surrey1936f15505
12-83J SouthertonSurrey and Middlesex v England1868f1507
12-84JC ClayGlamorgan v Surrey1934f14521
12-85WC SmithSurrey v Warwickshire1910f7914
12-86F MartinKent v Surrey1886f3070
12-87J WisdenSussex v Surrey1852f896
12-89H TrumbleAustralia v England1896f4545
12-90T RichardsonSurrey v Sussex1895f4310
12-90JT HearneMiddlesex v Surrey1896f4479
12-91PH MortonGentlemen v Players1880f2306
12-91IDK SalisburySurrey v Somerset2000f45159
12-92AR GoverSurrey v Somerset1947f17482
12-92Waqar YounisSurrey v Hampshire1991f39511
12-93W CaffynSurrey v Nottinghamshire1860f1117
12-93RC TinleyNorth v Surrey1860f1129
12-93T EmmettEngland v Gloucestershire1878f2167
12-95HH StephensonSurrey v England1858f1064
12-95WG GraceEngland v Surrey and Middlesex1868f1507
12-95J SouthertonSurrey v Nottinghamshire1873f1769
12-96WH LockwoodSurrey v Lancashire1902f5962
12-96AV BedserSurrey v Leicestershire1950f18929
12-97S FenleySurrey v Leicestershire1924f11063
12-98W MeadEssex v Surrey1900f5315
12-98JC LakerSurrey v Kent1949f18418
12-99M McIntyreNottinghamshire v Surrey1872f1718
12-99Fazal MahmoodPakistan v England1954f20626
12-101DAD SydenhamSurrey v Gloucestershire1964f25223
12-101DL UnderwoodEngland v New Zealand1969f27906
12-102J SouthertonSurrey v Middlesex1873f1767
12-102J SouthertonSurrey v Gloucestershire1875f1876
12-102F MartinEngland v Australia1890f3546
12-103C BlythePlayers v Gentlemen1909f7748
12-104W CaffynSurrey v Yorkshire1861f1143
12-104J SouthertonSurrey v Lancashire1873f1764
12-104GA LohmannEngland v Australia1886f3061
12-105T RichardsonSurrey v Leicestershire1897f4633
12-105ST ClarkeSurrey v Northamptonshire1987f37175
12-106D DaySurrey v Kent1852f894
12-106RF MilesGloucestershire v Surrey1870f1596
12-108CM SharpeCambridge University v Surrey1875f1883
12-108TB MitchellDerbyshire v Surrey1935f14911
12-109REG FulljamesRoyal Air Force v Army1928f12336
12-110T ShermanSurrey v All England Eleven1851f850
12-110Saqlain MushtaqSurrey v Durham1999f44469
12-111TPB SmithEssex v Surrey1951f19131
12-112GA LohmannSurrey v Sussex1890f3535
12-112GA LohmannSurrey v Yorkshire1891f3638
12-113AH GraySurrey v Warwickshire1986f36350
12-122NA KnoxSurrey v Middlesex1905f6711
12-122JH WardleYorkshire v Surrey1949f18431
12-123R FillerySussex v Surrey1873f1745
12-124WC SmithSurrey v Australians1905f6705
12-124WC SmithSurrey v Australians1909f7763
12-127WA WoofSouth v North1883f2636
12-128FE WoolleyThe Rest v Middlesex1921f10100
12-130JC LakerSurrey v Australians1956f21271
12-134WA WoofGloucestershire v Surrey1885f2887
12-135WF MaitlandOxford University v Surrey1865f1324
12-136GF GraceGloucestershire v Surrey1873f1747
12-136WA HumphreysSussex v Surrey1893f3924
12-136NA KnoxSurrey v Lancashire1910f7990
12-138WF MaitlandOxford University v Surrey1864f1266
12-140HP ClodeSurrey v Oxford University1903f6121
12-143J SouthertonSurrey v Middlesex1875f1920
12-144JC LakerSurrey v Worcestershire1951f19192
12-145WH LockwoodSurrey v Lancashire1892f3796
12-145RTD PerksWorcestershire v Surrey1938f16275
12-147KBS JarvisKent v Surrey1981f33727
12-154AH StratfordMiddlesex v Surrey1878f2163
12-154WS LeesSurrey v Hampshire1905f6553
12-166J WoottonKent v Surrey1887f3189
12-170WB MoneyCambridge University v Surrey1868f1480
12-172J SouthertonHampshire v Surrey1866f1387
12-173H TrumbleAustralia v England1902f5951
12-174W BrearleyLondon County v Surrey1904f6291
12-174DCS ComptonMiddlesex v Surrey1947f17683
12-185T RichardsonSurrey v Somerset1898f4928
12-189AS KennedyHampshire v Surrey1919f9374
12-193HA PeachSurrey v Kent1929f12838
12-197EA McDonaldLancashire v Surrey1928f12441
12-206LC BraundSomerset v Surrey1903f6171
12-210FR BrownSurrey v Hampshire1935f15127
12-223T RichardsonSurrey v Yorkshire1897f4719
12-226T RichardsonSurrey v Kent1895f4344
12-246SK WarneAustralia v England2005f48806



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