Averages by Team

ICC Under-19 World Cup 2019/20

Afghanistan Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Australia Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Bangladesh Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Canada Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
England Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
India Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Japan Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
New Zealand Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Nigeria Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Pakistan Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Scotland Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
South Africa Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Sri Lanka Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
United Arab Emirates Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
West Indies Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]
Zimbabwe Under-19s [Batting] [Bowling]

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