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  Team Country Home Ground Seasons
Aitchison College LahorePakistanAitchison College Ground, Lahore2008/09
Beaconhouse National University, LahorePakistan 2015
Bishop of Lahore's XIIndia 1943/44
Combined Lahore ClubsPakistan 1963/64
Comsats University, LahorePakistan 2013/14-2015
Crescent Club of LahoreIndia 1930/31-1934/35
Dharampura Gymkhana, LahorePakistan 1988
FAST University, LahorePakistan 2013/14
Garrison School, LahorePakistan 2006/07
Government College of Science, LahorePakistan 2015
Government Degree College for Women, LahorePakistan 2005/06
Institute of Management Sciences, LahorePakistan 2015
Islamia College for Women, LahorePakistan 2005/06-2006/07
King Edward Medical College, LahorePakistan 2015
LahorePakistan 1958/59-2008
Lahore APakistan 1959/60-1982/83
Lahore and Multan SchoolsPakistan 1968/69
Lahore BPakistan 1959/60-1992/93
Lahore B Under-19sPakistan 1991/92-1992/93
Lahore Badshah SuperstarsUnited Arab Emirates 2014
Lahore BadshahsPakistan 2007/08-2008/09
Lahore BluesPakistan 1969/70-2018/19
Lahore Blues Under-19sPakistan 1972/73-2018/19
Lahore Blues VeteransPakistan 1998/99-1999/00
Lahore CPakistan 1959/60-1980/81
Lahore CantonmentPakistan 1982/83
Lahore CityPakistan 1979/80-2012/13
Lahore City APakistan 1978/79-1990/91
Lahore City A Under-19sPakistan 1980/81-1990/91
Lahore City BPakistan 1978/79-1990/91
Lahore City B Under-19sPakistan 1980/81-1990/91
Lahore City BluesPakistan 1981/82-1999/00
Lahore City Blues Under-19sPakistan 1981/82-1999/00
Lahore City CPakistan 1990/91-1993/94
Lahore City Cricket AssociationPakistan 1982/83
Lahore City GreensPakistan 1983/84-1995/96
Lahore City Greens Under-19sPakistan 1986/87-1995/96
Lahore City Under-19sPakistan 1979/80
Lahore City WhitesPakistan 1983/84-1998/99
Lahore City Whites Under-19sPakistan 1981/82-1999/00
Lahore College for WomenPakistan 1979/80
Lahore DivisionPakistanSheikhupura Stadium, Sheikhupura1999/00
Lahore Division B Under-19sPakistan 1993/94-1995/96
Lahore Division Under-19sPakistan 1979/80-1999/00
Lahore EaglesPakistan 2004/05-2015/16
Lahore East Zone BluesPakistan 2003/04-2018
Lahore East Zone Blues Under-19sPakistan 2003-2018/19
Lahore East Zone WhitesPakistan 2003/04-2018
Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19sPakistan 2003-2018/19
Lahore Education BoardPakistan 1960/61-1988/89
Lahore Gladiators SuperstarsUnited Arab Emirates 2013
Lahore GreensPakistan 1963/64-2002/03
Lahore Greens Under-16sPakistan 1981
Lahore Greens Under-19sPakistan 2002/03
Lahore GymkhanaPakistan 1976-1999/00
Lahore Leads UniversityPakistan 2015
Lahore LionsPakistan 2004/05-2015
Lahore Municipal CorporationPakistan 1978/79
Lahore North Zone BluesPakistan 2003/04-2018
Lahore North Zone Blues Under-19sPakistan 2003-2018/19
Lahore North Zone WhitesPakistan 2003/04-2018
Lahore North Zone Whites Under-19sPakistan 2003-2018/19
Lahore PanthersPakistan 2000/01
Lahore QalandarsPakistan 2015/16-2018/19
Lahore RaviPakistan 2005/06-2013/14
Lahore Ravi Under-19sPakistan 2005/06-2014/15
Lahore RedsPakistan 1963/64-1973/74
Lahore SchoolsPakistan 1962/63-2007/08
Lahore Schools Under-17s WomenPakistan 2006/07-2016/17
Lahore ShalimarPakistan 2005/06-2013/14
Lahore Shalimar Under-19sPakistan 2005/06-2014/15
Lahore TigersPakistan 2000/01
Lahore Under-13sPakistan 2017-2018/19
Lahore Under-15sPakistan 2006/07
Lahore Under-16sPakistan 1981-2018/19
Lahore Under-19sPakistan 1970/71-2004/05
Lahore Under-19s WomenPakistan 2009/10-2013/14
Lahore Under-21s WomenPakistan 2014/15
Lahore Under-23sPakistan 2011/12
Lahore University of Engineering and TechnologyPakistan 1966/67-1989/90
Lahore University of Management SciencesPakistan 2013/14-2015
Lahore West Zone BluesPakistan 2003/04-2018
Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19sPakistan 2003-2018/19
Lahore West Zone WhitesPakistan 2003/04-2018
Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19sPakistan 2003-2018/19
Lahore WhitesPakistan 1963/64-2018/19
Lahore Whites Under-16sPakistan 1981
Lahore Whites Under-19sPakistan 1972/73-2018/19
Lahore Whites VeteransPakistan 2000/01-2003/04
Lahore WomenPakistan 2004/05-2017
Lahore Women's Cricket AssociationPakistan 1979/80
Lahore Women's Cricket Association APakistan 1980/81
Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi SchoolsPakistan 1968/69
Lexicon Secondary School, Lahore CanttPakistan 2006
Lords International School System, LahorePakistan 2006/07
Ludhiana Gymkhana, LahorePakistan 1988
Muslim Model High School, LahorePakistan 1958/59
National College of Arts, LahorePakistan 2015
National College of Business Administration and Economics, LahorePakistan 2013/14
Oriental College, LahorePakistan 2005/06
Pakistan International Airlines LahorePakistan 1972/73
Panthers and Tigers Gymkhana of LahorePakistan 1991-1993
PU VC LahorePakistan 2013/14
Punjab University and Lahore Education BoardPakistan 1964/65
Punjab University Teaching Department Women, LahorePakistan 2005/06
Punjab University Teaching Department, LahorePakistan 2015
Punjab University, LahorePakistan 1947/48-2015
Punjab University, LahoreIndia 1928/29-1973/74
Queen Mary College, LahorePakistan 2005/06
Railways LahorePakistan 1963/64-1967/68
Superior University, LahorePakistan 2013/14-2015
University College, LahorePakistan 2013/14
University of Central Punjab, LahorePakistan 2013/14-2017
University of Engineering and Technology, LahorePakistan 1986/87-2015
University of Management and Technology, LahorePakistan 2013/14-2015
University of South Asia, LahorePakistan 2013/14-2015
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, LahorePakistan 2013/14-2015

If no home ground is listed, the season span gives the seasons over which the team played
For each home ground listed, the season span gives seasons over which the team played matches on that ground
Only scorecards and/or fixtures that are on the CricketArchive database are considered when determining season spans





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