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You searched for AJ Fothergill from 1888/89 to 1888/89
MtInnScoreTeam ScoreHow OutFielderBowlerOvsMdnsRunsWktsOpp ScoreCtStMatchDateMatch Id
118  135bNHCD Theunissen3114318137  RG Warton's XI v Western Province21 Dec 1888misc29362
 24  123bNHCD Theunissen2415253138  
234  122cRB StewartNHCD Theunissen2418151159  RG Warton's XI v Cape Colony26 Dec 1888misc29363
 47  162bNHCD Theunissen2719164114  
353*127no124271193  RG Warton's XI v Port Elizabeth01 Jan 1889misc29364
 60  141bH Parkin218345130  
476  268cC AndersonA Mortimer----531 RG Warton's XI v South Western Districts07 Jan 1889misc29365
582  177stFW SmithCH Vintcent259425225  RG Warton's XI v Kimberley14 Jan 1889misc29366
6102*91no3112531267  RG Warton's XI v Cape Colony17 Jan 1889misc29367
 1112  212cWHM RichardsWH Ashley1588137-4  
7120*60no2210356138  RG Warton's XI v Johannesburg26 Jan 1889misc29368
81322  291bJ Wishart188174161  RG Warton's XI v Transvaal30 Jan 1889misc29369
9141*164no432292  RG Warton's XI v Pietermaritzburg06 Feb 1889misc29370
10150  176bGA Kempis11222185  RG Warton's XI v Natal09 Feb 1889misc29371
111619  187cH TaylorH Taylor17.35245127  RG Warton's XI v Durban14 Feb 1889misc29372
 174  68bPF Madden17.3524299-14  
12182  148lbwR Eyre13612439  RG Warton's XI v Cape Mounted Rifles20 Feb 1889misc29373
13195  277cCummingsJ Grant----79  RG Warton's XI v Cape Mounted Rifles23 Feb 1889misc29374
142016  256cC TancredF Wallace----96  RG Warton's XI v Grahamstown28 Feb 1889misc29375
152119  225bWG Kingwell248377109  RG Warton's XI v Midlands04 Mar 1889misc29376
16221*159no2011197113  RG Warton's XI v Eastern Province08 Mar 1889misc29377
172332  148cAB TancredWH Milton241515184  England v South Africa12 Mar 1889t31
182423  299ro4117595187  RG Warton's XI v Kimberley18 Mar 1889misc29378
19251  292bWH Ashley241226247  England v South Africa25 Mar 1889t32
20   248a    123-6  RG Warton's XI v South Africa26 Mar 1889misc347064
Matches Inns NO Runs HS   Ave 50 100
20 25 6 193 32   10.15 0 0
Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Ave Ct St
2710 322 821 119 8-31 6.89 3 0
Batting details
How out Number
bowled 9
caught 7
lbw 1
not out 6
run out 1
stumped 1
Total 25
Bowling details
How out Number
bowled 51
caught 52
lbw 7
stumped 8
Total 118





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