Bowling for Yorkshire in 2010 County Championship

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MA Ashraf2521210695-3211.77 10
SA Patterson2357961201455-5026.68 10
A Shahzad1754471013345-5129.79 10
AU Rashid3028671784575-8731.29 30
TT Bresnan113042538175-5231.64 10
OJ Hannon-Dalby2194581299345-6838.20 20
TL Best110419727174-8642.76 00
DJ Wainwright83020535123-4844.58 00
RM Pyrah5081632672-846.57 00
Azeem Rafiq4561222244-9255.50 00
A Lyth120160    
JA Rudolph662430    
JJ Sayers1443610    
A McGrath444132260    

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