Bowling for Yorkshire in 2005 County Championship

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JAR Blain1140970    
TT Bresnan2754871571475-4233.42 10
MF Cleary4021025083-4631.25 00
RKJ Dawson1954461098274-5440.66 00
IJ Harvey173183788305-4026.26 10
MJ Hoggard137353732203-6836.60 00
PA Jaques180190    
GJ Kruis35071351961645-5930.64 40
MAK Lawson492937275-15553.14 10
MJ Lumb13829221-746.00 00
A McGrath138636727163-3545.43 00
RM Pyrah181911-99.00 00
JJ Sayers300260    
CEW Silverwood8542847993-7353.22 00
DJ Wainwright17458611-8686.00 00
C White10227111-2171.00 00

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