Bowling for Yorkshire in 1997 County Championship

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ID Fisher1265390    
D Gough109042598255-5623.92 20
GM Hamilton108236654185-8936.33 10
PJ Hartley97838511235-3422.21 10
PM Hutchison118447639267-5024.57 20
DS Lehmann12337121-035.50 00
A McGrath5304411-1944.00 00
AC Morris4141526042-6265.00 00
B Parker6030    
RJ Sidebottom10047133-7123.66 00
CEW Silverwood2367871272537-9324.00 41
RD Stemp27361091309366-7736.36 10
MP Vaughan7081152231-25174.00 00
AG Wharf10825711-2357.00 00
C White2098571222405-3130.55 10

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