Bowling for Yorkshire in 1981

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CWJ Athey237711121-055.50 00
DL Bairstow361140    
G Boycott665180    
P Carrick31931691412354-7640.34 00
SJ Dennis97336490205-3524.50 10
JH Hampshire4222211-2222.00 00
PR Hart3481714021-2270.00 00
SN Hartley7452247991-1353.22 00
PW Jarvis1082740    
M Johnson5151730174-4843.00 00
JD Love1204710    
MD Moxon360230    
CM Old2331122990435-5223.02 10
A Ramage88822550185-6530.55 10
A Sidebottom182988899476-6219.12 30
GB Stevenson32261221857617-4630.44 30
S Stuchbury252717663-8229.33 00
JP Whiteley2352931124344-5033.05 00

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