Bowling for Yorkshire in 1977 County Championship

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DL Bairstow361200    
MK Bore176399799257-6331.96 10
G Boycott6041611-1016.00 00
P Carrick146281652166-3740.75 10
HP Cooper7233326383-5532.87 00
GA Cope36132031278506-2925.56 31
JH Hampshire120170    
CM Old98245395226-3617.95 10
S Oldham17210810    
AL Robinson25691171015355-2829.00 20
K Sharp241210    
A Sidebottom76220393123-5232.75 00
S Silvester394824094-8626.66 00
GB Stevenson30651121666646-8226.03 21

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